Why Your Next Garage Door should be a Roll Up One

roll up garage doors

Are you searching for a new replacement door for your garage? Are you confused about which garage door to go for? Do you need a door that offers a good balance between future readiness, cost, and ease of use?

If you answered in the affirmative for each of those questions, roll up garage doors are just what you need. While every type of garage door has its own unique pros and cons, roll up doors stand out for a number of reasons. Here we look at the advantages of roll up doors and why they are the perfect solution if you need a robust, inexpensive, and ergonomic door for your garage.

Effortless to open & close

There’s a perception that roller garage doors need a fair bit of effort when opening or closing them. Nothing could be farther from the truth as these doors have a very comfortable opening and shutting mechanism. This mechanism helps you open or shut a roller door in one smooth and fluid action. Non-automated roll up doors further use a spring system that makes the task of lifting and lowering easier still. In fact, it’s so easy that everyone in your household can operate the door on their own.

Ready for automation

Automated garage doors are a useful addition to any home. If you don’t have an automated mechanism for the garage door at the moment but plan to install one in the future, go for roller doors eyes-closed. These doors are amazingly compatible with automated door opening systems. As mentioned in the previous point, roll up doors require very little effort to open or shut them. Which means they do not need a heavyweight electricity-powered opener to operate them.

Save overhead space

Roll up garage doors consummately fit into the snug space above the opening of the garage door. As is the case with some other garage door types, this does away with the need for installing tracks along the inner rooftop space. The small space above the roller door is all the system needs, thus freeing up some additional centimeters of headroom. This extra space is quite useful for those who own tall vehicles like vans or mini-trucks.

Say goodbye to the painful kick-out

Anyone that has used an up and over garage door can relate to the painful experience of getting slapped on the shins by the door’s bottom part every now and then. Well, you can say goodbye to those shin smacks with a roll up garage door as it opens vertically.

Expand your driveway space

Carrying forward from the previous point, roller garage doors open vertically which means they don’t intrude into the horizontal space on either side. This allows you to park your vehicle that much closer to the garage door. So despite the bumper of your car/van being within touching distance of the door, it won’t hinder the action of opening or shutting your garage door. People who’d find this most useful are owners of houses with short driveways or those who have multiple vehicles.

Holds up well against outside weather

A roller garage door is a great choice if you want to maintain a specific temperature in the garage. Simply buy a roller door with a double skin that features insulating material in-between. Such a roll up garage door is highly effective at safeguarding the garage’s inner space from outer temperature changes. Moreover, these roller doors also offer a rubber sealed bottom which makes for an air-tight closing and keeps any water out.

Roll up garage doors offer excellent protection against external weather, take minimal of space, and are easy to operate. Additionally, you can buy them in a wide variety of colors and personalize to complement your home’s appearance.    

Metal Garage Doors Versus Wooden Garage Doors

roller garage doors vs up and over garage doors

Controversial to many beliefs, the type of garage door you get is an important factor in creating a useful garage.

And there’s a reason why.

Which we will discuss in our upcoming series of blog posts.

But for now, we will start off with comparing two similar garage doors.

Roller garage doors and Up and Over garage doors have a lot less in common than you may think.

A Brief Overview Of Roller Garage Doors

Admittedly, Roller garage doors are one of the more basic types of garage doors.

But that is not to say they aren’t advanced or diverse.

Given their name, they are pretty self-explanatory on how they work.

Roll Up Garage Doors do exactly that.

They roll up, roll down and keep the contents of a garage safe. Great.

What Size Garage Door Is Most Suitable For You?

With regards to our space-conscious customers, we usually suggest getting these Roller shutter garage doors.

This is due to the handy vertical direction of the garage shutter doors.

To illustrate just how user-friendly Insulated Roller Garage Doors are, let’s take a look at this video demonstration.

Roller Shutter Door Prices

As for the cost of this secure, simple and stunning option of a garage door, relativity plays a big part.

For the simple reason that there are many additional features, that may be added or taken away at the customer’s preference.

Roller Garage Doors

Up And Over Garage Doors

Moving on to the Roller garage doors cousin, we have the up and over garage door.

Also known as the Garage Overhead door because of its ending position when opened.

This is a popular choice for those who do not need over garage door storage.

What Makes Them Suitable For You?

With two different options to choose from, Up and Over garage doors are adaptable and modern.

Be that as it may, this garage door type isn’t adaptable when it comes to ceiling space.

For this reason, it is often bought by those with smaller cars or those who do not store vehicles in their garage.

Up and Over Garage Doors Essex

Which Garage Door Is Best?

Neither, nor.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a garage door.

If you want a sleek and quiet garage door opener then residential roll up garage doors are a perfect fit.

Conversely, for a traditional stylish look without the need of ceiling space, Up and Over garage doors could be better suited.

What Do You Think?

We would love to hear your opinions.

Whether you have had an unfortunate experience with a particular type of garage door, or you have helpful advice for others looking to buy a garage door.

We hope to hear from you soon! Comment below and like this post.

Things You Need To Know About Insulated Garage Doors

Things You Need To Know About Insulated Garage Doors
Things You Need To Know About Insulated Garage Doors

The garage is usually somewhere to leave your car in while not in use.

Which is why many people do not think about insulated garage doors.

However, it can be a very good idea to do so if;

there is plumbing within the garage, it’s heated or there’s a room above the garage.

What Is Insulation For The Garage

We use this term a fair amount in our daily lives.

From insulating your garage, to buying a thermal travel mug – one that will keep your tea from turning cold on the commute to work, preferably.

So, what does insulation mean exactly?

Insulation is a general term for describing products that create a barrier between places that differ substantially in temperature.

These products reduce heat loss, or heat gain.

In doing so they keep the area from changing temperature drastically.

Insulated Garage Doors Can Provide Sound Proofing

On the other hand, it can also be used in referral to noise/sound control.

In this case, an insulated room would reduce sound escaping from said room, rather than heat.

You will find well insulated rooms are often covered in strange-looking wavy foam, that covers the walls.

You can see examples of this in the recording studios used by your favourite singers.

How to Insulate a Garage

Garage insulation is an important factor to take in consideration.

Especially if you are converting your garage, or spend a fair amount of time in the garage.

A simple upgrade to make to ensure great insulation, is to replace your garage door.

We have found that many do not realise that the quality of the garage door insulation is a key factor in keeping in the warmth.

So whether you have a set of roll up garage doors or sectional garage doors the quality of the insulation does matter.

Insulated Garage Doors

There are numerous ways of how to insulate a brick garage, of which include different types of insulation systems.

Our insulation recommendations include:

  1. Foam Board
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Cellulose
  4. Closed-cell Spray Foam

As for the best insulation for garage ceiling, everyone has a different suggestion.

It is best to get in touch with a professional insulation installer to get the answer.

Insulate Your Garage – Should You Do It Yourself?

DIY is an easy way to save money, but it can cost in the long term if not done safely and properly.

There are ways you can install insulation yourself, however we would suggest getting in touch with a few insulation companies, before coming to a decision.

It’s a handy idea to get free quotes from a few different insulation contractors, to compare prices.

Keep in mind that prices will vary depending on garage sizes.

Things You Need To Know About Insulated Garage Doors
Things You Need To Know About Insulated Garage Doors

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

Having a cavity wall as a return air duct to feed the furnace is a huge mistake many make.

It is a recurring issue that can cause carbon monoxide to sneak into your home.

We are sure we won’t have to explain to you how dangerous this could become.

Garage Door Insulation

As a professional company that repair and install garage doors.

If you would like an upgraded insulated garage door, you can get a free quote on 0800 0747 198.

Electric Roller Garage Door Prices & Tips For Budgeting

Electric Roller Garage Door Prices & Tips For Budgeting

Electric roller garage door prices can vary depending on numerous factors. Part of creating the perfect home is focusing on your garage and today we want to remove all the hassle for you. In today’s post we would like to give you a chance to get a step ahead. Keep reading for a full guide on electric garage door installations.

Electric Roller Door Prices

If you’ve asked yourself the question why should I get an electric roller garage door?

The answer is really simple, electric garage doors are the most sought after garage door available.

This is due to the efficient and easy to use nature of garage technology.

A big benefit is that there is no compromise on style.

The home of your families dreams awaits at the front of your garage; with a clean, efficient and stylish garage door.

Envy will spread across your neighbourhood as friends gawp at your stunning home.

Lets dig deeper and find out about roll up garage doors and the cost of electric roller doors.

Electric Roller Garage Door Prices & Tips For Budgeting

Electric Roller Garage Door Prices

We should probably start off with a bit of explanation on what electric garage door installations involve.

Without further adieu, please welcome our most popular garage doors best qualities:

  • Increased security for your garage possessions
  • An incredibly spacious option allowing more from for possessions
  • Highly customisable creating a unique buying experience
  • Stunningly simplistic mechanism
  • Ease of use and simple for parking especially in the cold and wet weather
  • Clean aesthetic adds value to your property

Electric roller doors in the UK are considered one of the best garage shutters for a safe and secure home.

With the automatic locking system and increased safety features, your home will be protected for your family.

Electric Roller Garage Door Prices & Tips For Budgeting

Electric Garage Doors in Essex

Electric roller garage door prices can vary due to the vast range of options available.

Things to take into consideration are the roller door prices, you also have a wide range of additional features from type of materials used as well as the type of insulation that you can chose from.

Electric Garage Door Prices

Adding automation to your garage doors, is a quick process and again, ranges in price depending in size of door, and depends on the above options.

We have a full range of the top brands suited to budgets of all sizes, allowing automatic doors to be an option for all.

Roller Garage Door Prices

Which is a great reason why you should find out directly with us.

Doing so would also ensure an accurate quote for garage shutters in the UK.

Additionally, the brand you would like your electric roller garage doors to be can affect the pricing.

Manufacturers Of Our Motorised Garage Doors UK

As mentioned above there are many manufacturers that supply great automated roller garage doors. 

We make sure each door is of an extremely high quality and reasonable price.

Each of the brands that we offer have their own unique designs.

Each customer has their own desires and thoughts about design and how you are hoping to compliment the rest of your home.

Either way, you will be sure to find a garage door that fits your goal.

Are Side Opening Garage Doors The Best Garage Doors

Are Side Opening Garage Doors The Best Garage Doors
Are Side Opening Garage Doors The Best Garage Doors

Are side hinged garage doors the best garage doors for you?

well, they could be.

But you do have to consider a number of things.

As suppliers and fitters of side opening garage doors, which are the doors that have a completely different way of operating.

This makes them really stand out from the rest of the types of garage doors  out there.

Side Opening Garage Doors Essex

The side opening garage doors, also known as side hung garage doors, have a really traditional look to them that differentiates them for all the others.

They are for those of you that appreciate a unique, old-school look that withstands the style changes through time.

They are the only insulated garage doors that can be fitted with windows, which is what really gives them that timely, classical look.

Side Hinged Garage Doors With Windows

The side hinged garage doors with windows will bring in light to your otherwise dark and slightly scary garage (seriously, there have been so many horror films that have gruesome, eerie scenes set in the garage).

On a much lighter note, It also mean you can show off your garage to passers-by.

Or if this seems a bit creepy to you, you can always opt out of the window garage exhibition.

Side Opening Garage Doors Wooden

As you can probably tell from the name, side hinged garage doors swing open in the style of a normal door.

They are extremely durable and benefit for people who need plenty of space for width and length.

They have two garage door panels that act in the same way as a normal door and open completely to create maximum space.

The Downside Of Side Hinged Garage Doors

Something that you do need to bare in mind with side hung garage doors, is that you do end up with two enormous doors that potentially take up a lot of outside space.

Until you close them up again you can lose some space.

This is worth baring in mind.

This then causes the dilemma of having to park up at a distance far enough away for the side hinged garage to open without clashing with your vehicle.

Choosing The Best Garage Doors For You

On the other hand, the clever garage door springs assist to create a lighter garage door opener.

If you want a garage door with security, easy to open and durable then the best garage doors to chose would be the side hinged garage doors.

Find out more about the range of products we have on offer or get a FREE QUOTE.

What Types of Garage Doors Are Available For Your Home?

types of garage doors
Learn about the different types of garage doors

When it comes to choosing from the different types of garage doors available and finding your perfect one, we understand it can be a bit daunting at times.

Especially if you are looking for something that you have no previous experience buying. There are a lot of options out there.

Different Garage Door Types

The biggest thing to remember is that there are only four garage door types to choose from.

The fact you are reading this article must mean one of two thing; either you are looking at buying new or different garage door types or you simply have a strange fascination for doors.

Either way, you have come to the right place.

Types of Garage Doors – Residential Essex

As I’m sure you are aware, there is a lot more to garage doors than simply choosing the one that looks the nicest.

Although this is something you will take into consideration.

You’ll need to consider what garage door type you would like and what features are important.

If, like many of us, you don’t quite understand all the fancy terminology used, fear not.

Continue reading on to find out everything you need to know.

The first thing is to understand the different types of garage doors available to you.

Different Types Of Garage Doors

There are only really four different types of garage doors to consider.

Although, each one can be customised to your specific requirements which we’ll touch on further in the post.

The four door types available are.

Each of these are manual garage doors; however, you can upgrade both garage door types to automatic garage doors are extremely useful and handy, and come with a variety of modern features.

On top of the different types of garage doors and the option between manual and automatic, you can also get lost in many other unique features and customisation.

Other Factors To Consider With Different Types Of Garage Doors

Non-CFC is a lot better for the environment and so much safer than CFC foam insulation.

If you are reading this, thinking, wait a minute, what does CFC mean?

Don’t worry, you are not the only one confused.

CFC is an abbreviation for Chlorofluorocarbon, again, don’t stress over the long, scientific word.

All you really need to know is that non-CFC is much better for everyone involved.

It’s better for the Earth and it’s better for you and your family.

On the opposing side, CFC is the not-so eco friendly way of insulating your garage door and is certainly not safe for you and your family, not to even consider the effect it could have on the environment.

For the most part, CFC is harmful whereas non-CFC is a much safer option.

The Different Types Of Garage Door Types To Choose From

Okay, so here comes the technical jargon, but don’t worry, we’ll explain what it all means…

Garage Doors with Single Skin Insulation

Do not panic, it’s not real skin, it is just a fancy way of saying the most basic different garage doors that are not insulated.

This means, it is made from a single sheet of the material chosen for the garage door – hence the name ‘single’ meaning one and ‘skin’ meaning the material used.

Due to this being the most basic garage door, it is perfect for those who are on a budget and are not fussed about keeping the garage warm.

If you are only using the garage as a storage solution, or to keep your car, then insulation isn’t really a necessity.

Garage Doors with Double Skin Insulation

Again, not real skin. In contrast to the above, double skin IS insulated. See it’s not as unusual as it seems.

This is a much thicker garage door and costs a little extra because of the additional benefits.

The twin walled insulation keeps in warmth and sound, perfect for those who like to spend longer periods of time in their garage.

Perhaps to build some cool mechanical product, or for becoming the next Beethoven prodigal by practising the piano in the garage – without your talented hands numbing due to the cruel, cold air.

Powder Coated Garage Doors Essex

This is used to toughen the garage door, which helps keep it from damaging. Instead of applying paint to the garage doors, a powder is used to form a very strong, high-quality compound.

This is done by a method called ESD or electrostatic spray disposition that  creates a reaction to the powder that causes it to stick to the metal of the garage door. 

After this, the garage door gets cured in an huge oven, that causes a chemical reaction to turn the powder particles into long molecular chains.

These long molecular chains are what makes the powder coated garage doors so durable.

Fibreglass In Garage Doors

A lightweight yet resilient material that fights against rust, bumps and scratches.

Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer in Garage Doors

Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer, also known as EPDM, is a soft sealing compound that’s used to seal the garage doors.

This is very handy because it seals any gaps that could allow in rain or wind.

It’s a great addition for those who live by the coast, because it means you can enjoy the dream life of living by the beach without worrying about your garage getting soaked by the damp foggy mornings and spraying salt water.

This also helps keep out the cold that you consequently get due to the bitter wind of the UK’s coastal areas.

Plastic Coated

The cheapest coat to protect your garage. It gets the job done without breaking the bank. 

Different Types of Garage Doors

There are many brands we use to produce the perfect garage door you want.

Each have their own unique advantages and selling points. For example, Hormann are an experienced family run business and focus on Eco-friendly, very similar to our own values.

Whereas Aluroll specialise in security and commercial products.

This would be suited more for someone who is looking for an industrial garage door, rather than types of garage doors for residential homes.

We have many individual manufacturers that we deal with.

Different Type Of Garage Door

Of course, every brand is very reliable, but they manufacture each garage door with their individual core values, which makes each brand unique and allows us to bring a more diverse range to our customers.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the types of garage doors out there and what exactly you are looking for.

Now, go forth and have a happy, knowledgeable garage door hunt.

Types Of Garage Doors Installed by Rollaway Garage Doors

If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more about the types of garage doors, you can read our complete buying guides on Sectional overhead doorsrolling garage doors and our comprehensive guide on electric garage door upgade.

A Complete Guide To Residential Rolling Garage Doors

Residential Rolling Garage Doors
Residential Rolling Garage Doors

Residential Rolling Garage Doors are one of the many types of garage doors that we supply and fit for our customers in Essex.  

With their vertical open and close, that wraps the roller garage door around a cylinder, perfectly.

Tightened and neatly bound into a sweet cinnamon roll of modern technology, they are ideally suited for owners of taller vehicles.

What Are Rolling Garage Doors?

We understand those of you that need the extra few inches of vertical space to slide in their taller vehicles.

Just like a towering giraffe, your vehicle needs the space to feel proud enough to stand tall and mighty, without feeling cramped and unwanted.

Therefore the roller garage door is the perfect gift of spaciousness to give your beloved machine.

Mechanics Of Rolled Garage Doors Essex

Roll up garage doors work in a similar way to a roller blind, hence the similar name.

Although the mechanics are slightly different, due to the enormous contrast in size and materials.

The basics are the same, they are rolled up either manually or, in the case of electric garage doors they automatic mechanism will do the work.

Residential Rolling Garage Doors

Then store in the bounded cylinder when open. Then they gently unravel when being opened.

Comparing the two goes further than the basics though.

You will get the same satisfied feeling as when you wake up and open your roller blinds to the beautiful morning sunrise.

As if the small fabric blinds are actually a big, glorious roller garage door. The beautiful sight is of your beloved vehicle.

Practical Design of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

With their, sleek, minimal design, the roller garage doors are extremely practical.

They also have the advantage of being stylish and modern.

The thinly stacked slabs that run horizontally to create a smooth mechanical operation.

This creates a cutting-edge and stunningly simplistic feel.

A Complete Guide To Getting An Electric Garage Door Upgrade

A Complete Guide To Getting An Electric Garage Door Upgrade
A Complete Guide To Getting An Electric Garage Door Upgrade

If you’ve been considering an automatic or electric garage door upgrade in Essex and aren’t sure where to start, or think it all sounds too futuristic and expensive, think again.

In today’s guide, we are going to go through everything you need to know about having an electric garage door upgrade in Essex.

We’re covering all the benefits as well as who should consider them and what they actually do.

Electric Garage Door Upgrade

Besides the obvious fact that it opens and closes without having to do this yourself manually, there are even more revolutionary elements available.

The advanced technology utilised within the electric garage door upgrades will improve their convenience greatly.

Coincidentally giving you bragging rights on how cutting edge and visionary your garage is. Our range of electric garage doors come with a whole host of additional features that you didn’t even realise you needed until now.

Below is everything our garage doors can offer our customers here in Essex.

Electric Garage Door Locking System

The automatic locking system provides easy and convenient security. This is especially useful if you’re prone to forgetting to lock doors.

Garage Door Remote Fob For Electric Garage Doors

All Rollaway Garage Door customers will be supplied with two key fobs.

These are not only convenient but will allow you to be able to keep your beloved garage and all its content safe from intruders at the click of a button.

Key fobs also make those cold Monday mornings a little less annoying.

No more fiddling with a big bunch of cold metal keys as your poor hands shiver.

What’s more, with the continued growth of smartphones and apps, there is an ever growing range of technology to integrate between your phone, garage and car.

Automatic Lighting With Electric Garage Doors

The automatic lighting that the electric garage doors provide, bring a handy addition to your garage.

Especially in the winter months when you’ll be returning home late.

This feature is just one of many simple, yet extremely helpful additions that Rollaway Garage Doors provide for you.

The good news for all our garage door customers; this will all be set up by us upon installation.

Automated Garage Doors Essex

All the automated garage doors we fit come with a Touch Sensitive system.

This adds a user-friendly and more specifically, child safe garage door.

This protective tool stops the process of the door closing if something or someone is obstructing the garage door.

This keeps any small children, pets or expensive items unharmed if they were to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Electric Garage Door Upgrade – Automatic Garage Door Opening Mechanism

The whole mechanism is smooth and quiet. Whether you’re an early bird or more of a night owl, you can rest assured that regardless of when you are operating the door, the rest of the household and any neighbours will be undisturbed.

It’s a simple feature. One for those ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind of people.

Those who take notice of the soothing whisper, as the garage door softly and neatly opens to reveal the heavenly man cave (or woman cave) that is your garage.

It’s for the people that hate the heavy, dull sound of a garage door waking them from their dreams as their partner heads out to work or arrives home late.

The quiet mechanism isn’t the first thing that pops into peoples mind when considering all of the other benefits of electric garage doors. But is more and more of a benefit.

No longer waking the neighbour’s dog that never fails to bark at the noise of you entering the garage.

Garage Door Installation

As you already knew, electric garage doors are the ultimate way to upgrade your garage.

The big question now you’re convinced, is which types of garage doors can you have installed that can be automatic?

The good news is you have a choice of two door types and plenty of custom features.

We have a wide range of options to make a perfect style and fit for your home.

Automatic Garage Door Quote

The first type are the roll up garage doors or the second option is for the popular sectional overhead doors. Both can be bought with the Automatic option and both have their own benefits.

Choosing your perfect setup will depend on what you are looking for and what your personal needs are.

The next step to find out more about your perfect setup is to give us a call on 0800 0747 198 and we can provide a free quote and offer some specific advice based on your needs.

The Ultimate Guide To Sectional Overhead Doors

sectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead garage doors are one of the popular choices of garage doors that Rollaway supply and fit in Essex.

If this is the first time that you’re looking to update your garage doors or just don’t know where to start, we’ve put together this article specifically to help guide you.

We are going to teach you as much as we can on the finer details of sectional garage doors.

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors Essex

First off, what are sectional overhead doors?

The quick  answer is that they are a popular type of garage door.

They get their name from the simple fact that they are split into sections, vertically.

They then close by rolling up and over into the garage roof.

Sectional Overhead Doors Essex

The ceiling of your garage will be where the door lays when open.

This frees up inside space without costing any loss of space on the outside.

This means it is ideal for wider garages and wide vehicles, especially due to the suitable vertical opening.

However, something to bare in mind is that this does cause a lack of space on your garage ceiling.

If you have anything extremely tall, or plan on hanging anything from the ceiling, then perhaps another garage door would be preferable.

Security is a big deal when it comes to your home and garage.

Rest assured all Rollaway Garage Doors are reliable and well trusted across Essex.

We ensure that we provide a secure garage experience.

Keep your peace of mind from the worrying stresses of your garage and all its content.

With the sectional overhead doors secure and simple design, your possessions will be more guarded and safer than ever before.

Sectional Doors Essex – Increased Security

When you hear the word ‘secure’ usually only one thing comes to mind – safe from criminal behaviour – however, sectional garage doors are secure in more than just this one way: Yes, it locks out any unwanted intruders to keep your garage safe and sound from any criminal activities.

It keeps in any sound; which is especially useful if you have a teenage musician in the family. If that’s the case and they seem to take pleasure in the deafening sound that erupts from their drums, or their guitar this could be an option to consider. Furthermore, this results in less subsequent migraines meaning they can practice to their heart’s content.

Sectional Overhead Doors Essex – Insulation & Other Benefits

The sectional garage door also seals your garage from the outside weather elements. Due to the clever rubber sealing that runs around the edges of the doors and keeps the warmth inside, brilliant for those typical, cold British days. Another convenient addition the sectional overhead garage door offers is the spring assisted open and closing.

This is one of the core benefits of this type of garage door. By having a spring assist, the weight of lifting the door is removed, creating the illusion that the door is as light as a feather. This is is a fantastic feature for those who are finding the slow, heavy lifting of opening the garage door annoying and rather tedious.  This is a huge plus for those that are in and out of the garage a lot on a daily basis.

Other than that, it is also a handy tool to trick your toddlers into believing Mummy and Daddy are superheroes with super strength. Not that deceiving your innocent children is necessarily great parenting advice. It will make their adorable big eyes light up in amazement as they marvel at their parents strength. That inquisitive fascination is something every parent loves to see.

Sectional Overhead Doors Essex

This feature is also worth bearing in mind for those in our families that want the security of modern garage doors but aren’t at an age where heavy lifting is ideal or even possible anymore.

All in all, sectional overhead doors are a great option for those looking for extra space.

They are also worth considering for anyone that wants to eliminate heavy lifting without the added financial cost of electric garage door installations.