Why Your Next Garage Door should be a Roll Up One

roll up garage doors

Are you searching for a new replacement door for your garage? Are you confused about which garage door to go for? Do you need a door that offers a good balance between future readiness, cost, and ease of use?

If you answered in the affirmative for each of those questions, roll up garage doors are just what you need. While every type of garage door has its own unique pros and cons, roll up doors stand out for a number of reasons. Here we look at the advantages of roll up doors and why they are the perfect solution if you need a robust, inexpensive, and ergonomic door for your garage.

Effortless to open & close

There’s a perception that roller garage doors need a fair bit of effort when opening or closing them. Nothing could be farther from the truth as these doors have a very comfortable opening and shutting mechanism. This mechanism helps you open or shut a roller door in one smooth and fluid action. Non-automated roll up doors further use a spring system that makes the task of lifting and lowering easier still. In fact, it’s so easy that everyone in your household can operate the door on their own.

Ready for automation

Automated garage doors are a useful addition to any home. If you don’t have an automated mechanism for the garage door at the moment but plan to install one in the future, go for roller doors eyes-closed. These doors are amazingly compatible with automated door opening systems. As mentioned in the previous point, roll up doors require very little effort to open or shut them. Which means they do not need a heavyweight electricity-powered opener to operate them.

Save overhead space

Roll up garage doors consummately fit into the snug space above the opening of the garage door. As is the case with some other garage door types, this does away with the need for installing tracks along the inner rooftop space. The small space above the roller door is all the system needs, thus freeing up some additional centimeters of headroom. This extra space is quite useful for those who own tall vehicles like vans or mini-trucks.

Say goodbye to the painful kick-out

Anyone that has used an up and over garage door can relate to the painful experience of getting slapped on the shins by the door’s bottom part every now and then. Well, you can say goodbye to those shin smacks with a roll up garage door as it opens vertically.

Expand your driveway space

Carrying forward from the previous point, roller garage doors open vertically which means they don’t intrude into the horizontal space on either side. This allows you to park your vehicle that much closer to the garage door. So despite the bumper of your car/van being within touching distance of the door, it won’t hinder the action of opening or shutting your garage door. People who’d find this most useful are owners of houses with short driveways or those who have multiple vehicles.

Holds up well against outside weather

A roller garage door is a great choice if you want to maintain a specific temperature in the garage. Simply buy a roller door with a double skin that features insulating material in-between. Such a roll up garage door is highly effective at safeguarding the garage’s inner space from outer temperature changes. Moreover, these roller doors also offer a rubber sealed bottom which makes for an air-tight closing and keeps any water out.

Roll up garage doors offer excellent protection against external weather, take minimal of space, and are easy to operate. Additionally, you can buy them in a wide variety of colors and personalize to complement your home’s appearance.    

How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio in Your Garage

How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio in Your Garage

One of the great joys of modern technology is that things we couldn’t have dreamed of having 10 years are perfectly affordable now – like a Home Recording Studio.

Home cinemas have taken off, the high-end home gym is an awesome idea and if you haven’t thought about converting your garage into a man cave yet you are falling behind the times.

But one of the most exciting developments is the idea of building a state of the art home recording studio.

Whether you just want a small studio to record your own stuff.

Or you want to get together with your band.

Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity to make a bit of cash on the side with a full on rehearsal room as well.

You can do it all right from your garage.

The question of how to build a professional grade home recording studio is one that is thankfully easily answered.

It’s just a case of figuring out a handful of things like:

  • the best way to soundproof a room
  • how to improve the acoustics and
  • create a great space for playing in.

Building a studio isn’t easy and it will take you some time to perfect, but the rewards are truly worth it.


Building a soundproof room within a room is no small feat, but once you understand the principles, you will quickly see why it is so worth the extra hassle.

Because the walls and floors are all built to minimise vibration and the room will become airtight, the room will be much less susceptible to outside noise, as well as kinder to the sounds on the inside.

There is some confusion about soundproofing and acoustics.

Soundproofing is about preventing sounds coming in from outside the room and disturbing your recording.

At home this might be the sound of the bin men arriving or cars pulling up.

Acoustics, on the other hand, are focused on optimising the inside of the room and ensuring that you record the perfect sound.

The two are equally important, but while acoustics can be altered quite easily, soundproofing is set in the building process.

If you aren’t a natural builder you should probably consult with a professional rather than do it yourself for the best results.

But, if you want to have a go, here’s a quick step by step guide.


Start by having a look at your garage plans to figure out the best size and layout for your room within a room.

This is important because you don’t want to start and then realise halfway through that you won’t be able to open the inner door!

You should also consider how much room you can dedicate to your studio.

The bigger the space, the better you recording is likely to be, generally speaking, so making the most of the space is crucial.

For example, do you want to build a single space for recording or would you prefer to split it so that your tech is on the other side of the glass, not interfering with any of the sound?

How thick can you build the walls to ensure the most soundproofing?

Answering these questions now will give you the best chance of creating the perfect studio.


Use a thin layer of neoprene to mount your concrete blocks so that you aren’t building directly to the floor.

The thick blocks should provide excellent sound insulation, while the neoprene allows for the vibrations, dampening the sound.

Tie your new inner walls to the outer walls using acoustic wall ties.


Top your inner walls with beams and cover using mounted plasterboard.

Then, fill in the gaps between the beams using mineral wool to increase the soundproofing quality of the ceiling.

Cover with more mounted plasterboard.


Use 2×2 timber to create vertical struts mounted on more neoprene and fill in the gaps with thick mineral wool.

Cover over using more plasterboard and then finally, fill in any remaining gaps using decorators caulk.

Studio soundproofing is vital to the overall quality and any gap can reduce the effectiveness of the soundproofed wall significantly.


Place wooden beams on top of rubber U-boat supports and screw a chipboard floor on top.

You might want to add insulation to the floor to keep it warmer and to dampen the sound slightly.

Carpet is an ideal solution but you could use rugs to make changing the acoustic easier.

If floating the floor sounds like too much, you could consider using insulation foam to create a floor and raise the drum kit.


Depending on how big your garage is and how large you have built your inner room, you may wish to split the room.

This separates out the recording equipment and the band.

This is usually done in professional recording studios.

Someone is supervising the recording and each band member plays separately.

Use the same building methods to create the wall dividing the space.

Consider installing acoustic glass as this will keep the quality of the sound.

This glass can also be used in outside walls to bring in natural light and make the whole environment much nicer to work in.


There is just one problem with creating the perfect soundproofed box: once you’re sealed in, you will struggle to breathe after a while.

Fortunately, you can add a/c to bring in fresh air.

Make sure that you keep the fan on the outside of the room and use an acoustic box to prevent the gap from allowing any excess noise in.

You might want to put some mesh over the opening so that nothing unwanted can creep in, though!

This system should also be perfect for bringing in cooler air.

Especially in the summer when the box might heat up to uncomfortable temperatures, which could also affect your recording.


Now that you have the perfect home recording studio, you need to turn your attention to creating the perfect acoustics.

Start with your decor.

It might sound daft, but a thick carpet is not only lush to play on in bare feet, but it is also an ideal way to boost your acoustics.

Similarly, bookshelves work well to buffer your walls and make the sound so much better.

A shoebox shape is widely recognised as providing the best acoustic in performance spaces.

Think of the London festival Hall as the sound is channelled perfectly to the audience.

It reverberates just enough to transform the sound.

Now, have you managed to build the equivalent of the London Festival Hall or the Bridgewater Hall in your garage?

If not, you will need to figure out a way to achieve this sound on your recording.

The best thing to do is to fake it and for this, you will need to remove all the reverb from your studio.


To understand reverb, you need to understand how sound moves in the recording studio.

If you stand in the corner of your home recording studio and sing towards a microphone at the other side of the room, it will receive some sound directly and some that has been bounced off the walls.

This bounced sound is the reverb and it reaches the microphone just after the direct sound, hence the echo effect.

So, to prevent reverb occurring, you need to add acoustic panels to your walls.

This dampens the sound and prevent it bouncing off and around the room.

These panels are usually made from foam and can be optimised by angling them differently.

However, too much absorption can make you feel uncomfortable while you play.

This is because the sound feels dead and unnatural to your musical ears.

To counter this, you should try using a mixture of sound diffusers as well as absorbers.

These work by scattering the sound as it bounces off the walls.

You can hear the reverb, but it won’t be picked up so much on the recording.

Get the balance exactly right and you could have a professional standard home recording studio in no time.


So, now you can say, “I have my own home recording studio in the garage”.

What are you going to do with your new found powers?

Are you keeping this room all to yourself?

Or are you prepared to let it out to local groups and artists for sessions?

There’s quite a bit of money to be made just by hiring out this kind of space.

Especially if you have gone as high-spec as you can.

But first, you need to start researching and buying the best recording equipment you can.

This isn’t just about microphones and cables, either.

You should look into the best recording software and get a computer with an excellent sound card.

Remember that any recording isn’t just about the sound that is made.

It is also how the sound is directed, collected and formatted.

Building up your recording equipment will take some time as these things can be quite expensive.

Technology is moving forward all the time.

But for now, it’s time to relax, switch on the microphones and start jamming.

10 Ideas For Turning Your Garage Into A Great Games Room

games room

One of the most popular ideas is turning a garage it into a games room.

A garage doesn’t have to be a boring place to store your family car.

There are loads of things you can do to make your garage a more fun and functional space.

There are so many cool and exciting ways you can do this, and here are 10 garage game room ideas to whet your appetite:


Transform your garage by setting up a pool table inside it, along with a nice bar too.

This enables you to play pool with your friends, and enjoy a drink or two while you do it.

Of course, make sure you have non-alcoholic options handy for your children to enjoy too!


A table tennis table is a perfect addition to any garage space.

If you’ve got enough room, you can set the table up and have little tournaments between your family and friends.

It makes for some of the most exciting and competitive action you’ll ever experience.

Not to mention you can always flip one side of the table up to act as a wall to practice against when you’re home alone.


One of my favourite ideas is taking a big old garage space and converting it into a mini bowling alley.

You can build one bowling lane down the centre of your garage – making it as long or short as you like.

Get your hands on some pins and a ball or two, and you can go bowling without leaving the house.

An elaborate idea?


But, one that’s well worth it when you see how fun it can be.


Do you remember heading down to your local arcade as a child?

You could spend hours playing PacMan and Space Invaders on one of those old-school arcade machines.

Well, why don’t you take those memories and give them a new lease of life inside your garage?

You can actually buy arcade machines – or ones that mimic the classic games, and stick them in your garage.

Slowly but surely you will add to your collection and create a retro arcade to enjoy in your spare time.


Why don’t you go down the modern gaming route and create a safe haven to play your video games?

Soundproof the walls, so people don’t hear you cry out in rage, and get some comfy gaming chairs along with a console or two.

Make sure you get your hands on a massive TV with some speakers too, so you create the ultimate gaming experience in your garage.


A foosball table is a perfect addition to any garage games room.

They’re not too big, not overly expensive, and a load of fun.

It’s the ultimate game to provide guests with entertainment when they come around.

Everyone can take it in turns to play, and you can host mini tournaments with forfeits for the losers and prizes for the winners!


Bet you didn’t think about turning your garage into an indoor golf course?

Well, it’s somewhat possible with a few cool ideas.

Get yourself a golf simulator, and you can simulate playing an entire golf course from the comfort of your home.

Or, on a smaller scale, just buy some indoor golfing equipment so you can practice your putting skills.


If the first set of arcade games didn’t tickle your fancy, then why don’t you try a different style of games.

Get yourself a Skeeball machine, or those basketball machines that you often see in modern arcades.

If you want, you could even add in one of those funky dance machines too!

A great idea if you have lots of space and young children.


Air hockey is one of the most enjoyable games for everyone to play.

There’s a fairly low skill level, and it’s so addictive once you start playing.

The tables are easy to buy and set up too, with someone of you possibly having enough space to fit two in side by side.


If you’re keen to create a more sophisticated and adult-oriented games room, then this is the perfect idea for you.

Get a darts board or two and pin them up on your garage wall.

Then, bring in a large poker table so you and your friends can spend hours battling against one another.


If your garage is big enough, you may be able to combine a couple of the ideas to create the ultimate games room!

Regardless, there are plenty of choices here, and they all turn your garage into something more fun for everyone.

Top Tips For Turning Your Garage Into A Killer Man Cave

man cave

Man cave is a term that is thrown around a fair bit and we wanted to help spread the word. 

It’s fair to say that most people don’t use their garage that effectively.

It becomes a place for junk to pile up, almost like storage for all those old boxes and kitchen appliances.

This means you have a fairly big bit of space that’s not really serving a purpose other than to hoard rubbish.

Instead, why don’t you take your garage, and transform it into a man cave?

This will be your haven in your home – a place to relax and enjoy some time alone.

Want to know how you can do this?

Take a look at the simple guide below for some tips:


Everything starts with a plan, and you need one for your man cave.

First thing’s first, clear everything out of your garage, so you’re left with a big empty space.

Now, look at that empty space and picture what your man cave will look like.

Come up with a few rough sketches that detail what goes where and how you want to use all your space.

You don’t have to be a talented artist here, just section off the garage and decide what you want in each area.

Think about your budget for this project too – don’t go overboard.

Make sure you design something that’s achievable both financially and literally.

There’s no use coming up with a crazy design that you simply can’t make.


In most garages, the floor will be concrete.

Now, this isn’t the most appealing flooring when you want to create a man cave.

So, a big part of your job will be fixing this and deciding what flooring you want.

This can be as easy as laying down some thick carpet on top of the concrete floor.

Naturally, you may have to level the floor off beforehand, so it’s nice and even.

If you have the budget, then perhaps consider underfloor heating too.

It’s quite costly but will provide your man cave with additional warmth.


A man cave is all about being comfortable and feeling relaxed.

This starts with the furniture you buy for it.

There shouldn’t be any wooden or metallic chairs here, it’s a strict comfort-only zone.

Get your hands on some plush armchairs, preferably ones that recline too.

A nice little sofa won’t go amiss too, particularly if you plan on having friends over.

For those of you feeling extra ambitious, why not fork out the cash for a massage chair too?

This will definitely provide your man cave with an extra element of comfort.

So, you can relax in peace without being disturbed or disturbing the rest of your family.


The walls of your man cave also require a lot of your attention.

Typically, your garage won’t be insulated, so you need to fix this if you’ll now be spending more time in there.

This keeps heat trapped in, making it warmer.

But, you can also try a neat little trick involving some soundproof padding.

You can pick this stuff up online and stick it on the inside of your garage walls.

This helps block sound from entering and exiting your man cave.


You can’t have a man cave without refreshments.

If there’s enough room, then building a little bar area is a fantastic idea.

Otherwise, get some mini fridges or coolers to keep drinks in, along with other snacks.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, then a vending machine would make the perfect accompaniment to your man cave.


Last but not least, you need to think about the entertainment aspect of your man cave.

This is what turns it from a simple room into an actual man cave.

There are so many ideas you can proceed with here.

One of the most popular is to have a TV in there with a gaming setup and surround sound speakers.

This leads to hours of fun when you have some time alone.

If there’s still room, you can add in a pool/table tennis/air hockey/foosball table for added entertainment.

We spoke about the walls earlier on, and they’re great for mounting a dartboard on too.

Another very popular idea is to have a poker table set up for you and your mates to play card games on.

No matter what, choose some entertainment features that you’ll love and enjoy the most.


There you have it; how to turn your garage into a man cave.

Follow the advice above, and you will transform an underused part of your home into something you use every day.

A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Home Gym In Your Garage

A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Home Gym In Your Garage

If you’ve got grand plans for your garage, here are some fantastic ideas to help you create the ultimate home gym.

Like many people, you’re trying to start 2018 with good intentions.

You may be thinking about being more active.

At this time of year, gym memberships peak.

However, joining a gym is not the only way to get in shape.

You don’t want to fork out for membership fees?

You’re keen to find a convenient, flexible means of working out?

Creating a home gym in your garage may be the perfect solution.


If you’ve got a garage, there are two main options when it comes to creating a home gym.

1. You can either devote the entire space to your new workout hobbies, or…

2. you can section off a specific area to create space for a home gym

If you opt for option number 2, there are some benefits.

You can still use the other part of the garage to store tools, equipment or even your cars.

There’s an assumption that you need to go all-out.

You don’t need to create something reminiscent of MTV Cribs.

When you hear the words home and gym in the same sentence, you think money.

Not everyone needs a state of the art fitness suite.


You can still create a really useful area to enable you to exercise at home.

Clear out the garage, take a look at the space you have available.

You can start thinking about garage conversion ideas and how you want to design your gym.


Everyone has preferences, and one gym may be completely different to another.

Design your home gym based on the kinds of exercises you enjoy and the equipment you want to use.

You can invest in a series of machines.

Maybe you enjoy running on a treadmill or you like to use a leg press, a bike or a rowing machine.

You don’t necessarily have to buy everything you would normally find at a fitness centre.

If you go to the gym think about what you enjoy using to work out.

If you never use an exercise bike or an elliptical machine, don’t include them in your plans for your home gym.

Stick to what you like and what works for you.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge amount of space available.

There are lots of ways you can work out at home without taking over the entire garage.

You could fit a TV on the wall and follow online workouts or fitness DVDs.

You can lift weights, swing Kettlebells, use gym balls or do some mat work.

If you do plan to use your garage as a home gym, there are a few additional things to consider.

It’s wise to ensure that you’re hooked up and ready and raring to go for things like;

  • lighting
  • heating
  • cooling
  • Internet connectivity

Do you want to stream music?

Then it’s important to ensure you have WiFi setup in the new gym.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on next-level equipment to shape up.

If you do want to buy fitness machines, keep an eye out for flash sales and discounts.


You could bid on auction sites.

You could look out for adverts posted by people who are selling items they no longer want.

eBay, Amazon and Social Media all have equipment, even look in the local press.

If you’ve only used your garage for parking the car in the past, you may need to make some changes.

The flooring may need upgrading and you need to ensure the room is weatherproof.

You’ll need an even, flat, non-slip surface to exercise safely.


Most people have ambitions to create an inspirational, motivational space.

You don’t really want to be staring at blank white walls or damp patches.

Put up motivational posters so when you’re trying to complete a 10K run on the treadmill.

Have inspirational quotes hung up to keep you pushing for a personal best on the bike.

Consider themes and styles, add some colour and think about what inspires you.

You could:

  • hang framed quotes on the wall
  • put up photographs of your favourite athletes or…
  • simply use coloured accessories to bring the room to life


Try and avoid clutter.

Make sure there’s sufficient space between the machines and the floor.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, take a look at what other people have done online and get some ideas.

You can combine elements you like to create a unique home gym.

Create the perfect space to work up a sweat.


It’s that happy time of year again when many of us are looking to get fit after weeks of overindulgence.

80 percent of Brits do not use their garage on a regular basis.

Why not use this guide to help you create the ultimate home gym and get fit?

Smart Homes Of The Future And Smart Devices To Make Life Easier

Smart Homes Of The Future And Smart Devices To Make Life Easier

Smart homes are becoming all the rage.

A smart home uses technology to make everyday tasks easier and more convenient, whether it’s for practicality or fun.

Smart devices are becoming more and more popular, and they can often easily be connected to the internet and each other.

People are able to control their thermostat with their phone or connect a series of speakers so they can play music in different rooms.

Smart Homes are only going to continue to get smarter with devices becoming more accessible and more affordable.

Now is the time to get  on board and seeing how you can improve your home.


If you ever watch TV, you probably have noticed an increase in advertising for personal home assistants.

Namely, you have likely seen ads for the Amazon products.

Their Alexa assistant and Google Home devices – which will do your bidding when you say “Ok, Google”.

These personal assistant devices both perform actions on their own, like checking the weather for you.

They can also help you control other smart devices in your home.

You could link one of them up to your lights so you can tell your virtual assistant to turn them on and off.

However, some people do have security concerns about how Amazon and Google could use these devices to spy on people.


Smart home technology can also help to make your home safer than ever before.

Thermostat makers Nest also have a smoke and CO detector.

Connect it to your phone, and you will get a message telling you what’s wrong if your alarm goes off.

You can turn off the alarm from your phone too.

No more waving tea towels in front of it to get it to shut up.

It tests itself, lights up as you walk underneath it (in case you get up in the middle of the night) and won’t be set off by steam.

It also works together with the Nest thermostat, telling the heating to turn off if it detects carbon monoxide.


If there’s one room in the home where it can be pretty handy to use a variety of smart gadgets, it’s in the kitchen.

Smart kitchen appliances range from refrigerators that help you keep your family organised to WiFi-connected scales.

Using smart scales help you get perfect measurements for your recipes.

Samsung Fridge

Samsung has come up with a fridge that has a large touchscreen.

This allows you to use it as a calendar and keep track of what you need to buy.

Amazon Dash

The Amazon Dash button helps you order something when you run out with just one click.

More and more brands are creating these.


One of the many ways that people like to make their home smarter is by being able to control the heat and light.

Connecting your lighting to an app or a remote is certainly not difficult, and it means you can turn lights on and off without getting up off the sofa.

You can even do it while you’re out of the house – maybe for security purposes when you’re on holiday.

Nest Thermostat

You can do the same with your thermostat, such as those from Nest.

After using a Nest thermostat for a week, it can learn when to turn your heat up and down.


When it comes to Smart Homes, not every piece of smart technology has to be the newest or the most sophisticated in the world.

Electric garage doors that can be controlled with a remote control count as smart tech too.

There are several benefits to being able to move your garage door at the touch of a button.

If you have a remote control, there’s no need to get out of your car in the cold to open or close the door.

You can even start opening your garage door as you approach your home, so you can drive right in when you arrive.


Of course, smart technology isn’t all about practicality.

You can have a lot of fun with it too.


Smart televisions, sound systems, and more can make your home more entertaining.

Smart TVs connect to the internet so you can watch live internet TV.

You can stream movies and your favourite programmes.


Smart sound systems allow you to connect speakers and devices.

For example, with Sonos, you can connect several speakers across different rooms.

You can use the app on your phone to:

  • control music
  • play music in different rooms
  • play music in the same rooms at the same time
  • control volume
  • control music source


Smart homes are only getting smarter, so why not see how you can improve your home with some smart tech?

Metal Garage Doors Versus Wooden Garage Doors

roller garage doors vs up and over garage doors

Controversial to many beliefs, the type of garage door you get is an important factor in creating a useful garage.

And there’s a reason why.

Which we will discuss in our upcoming series of blog posts.

But for now, we will start off with comparing two similar garage doors.

Roller garage doors and Up and Over garage doors have a lot less in common than you may think.

A Brief Overview Of Roller Garage Doors

Admittedly, Roller garage doors are one of the more basic types of garage doors.

But that is not to say they aren’t advanced or diverse.

Given their name, they are pretty self-explanatory on how they work.

Roll Up Garage Doors do exactly that.

They roll up, roll down and keep the contents of a garage safe. Great.

What Size Garage Door Is Most Suitable For You?

With regards to our space-conscious customers, we usually suggest getting these Roller shutter garage doors.

This is due to the handy vertical direction of the garage shutter doors.

To illustrate just how user-friendly Insulated Roller Garage Doors are, let’s take a look at this video demonstration.

Roller Shutter Door Prices

As for the cost of this secure, simple and stunning option of a garage door, relativity plays a big part.

For the simple reason that there are many additional features, that may be added or taken away at the customer’s preference.

Roller Garage Doors

Up And Over Garage Doors

Moving on to the Roller garage doors cousin, we have the up and over garage door.

Also known as the Garage Overhead door because of its ending position when opened.

This is a popular choice for those who do not need over garage door storage.

What Makes Them Suitable For You?

With two different options to choose from, Up and Over garage doors are adaptable and modern.

Be that as it may, this garage door type isn’t adaptable when it comes to ceiling space.

For this reason, it is often bought by those with smaller cars or those who do not store vehicles in their garage.

Up and Over Garage Doors Essex

Which Garage Door Is Best?

Neither, nor.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a garage door.

If you want a sleek and quiet garage door opener then residential roll up garage doors are a perfect fit.

Conversely, for a traditional stylish look without the need of ceiling space, Up and Over garage doors could be better suited.

What Do You Think?

We would love to hear your opinions.

Whether you have had an unfortunate experience with a particular type of garage door, or you have helpful advice for others looking to buy a garage door.

We hope to hear from you soon! Comment below and like this post.

The Four Most Memorable Movie Scenes Set In Garages

Ever noticed all the iconic & memorable movie scenes set in garages? After reading this, you'll find that they are more important than you thought.
Ever noticed all the iconic & memorable movie scenes set in garages? After reading this, you'll find that they are more important than you thought.

Have you ever noticed that in pretty much every brilliant film there seems to be memorable movie scenes with epic garage scenes?

These movie scenes set in garages are usually not mentioned often.

However, they usually are of great importance to the entire film.

You’ll soon come to understand what on earth we are talking about.

Back To The Future Movie Scenes

Back To The Future is an iconic film about time travel, a crazy yet genius scientist/doctor (Dr Emmet Brown) and a young man named Marty McFly.

Or better know as Doc and Marty.

So far, we have not met anyone who does not love the movie and the time-travelling, brilliant, Back To The Future car – The Delorean.

But what about the very place the Delorean was created?

Does anyone actually remember where it was that Doc invented this magical invention?

You’ve guessed it. The garage.

The best garage for scientific experiments and mad ideas.

Without the garage, there would be no place for Doc to have tested out his out-of-this-world inventions.

Ever noticed all the iconic & memorable movie scenes set in garages? After reading this, you'll find that they are more important than you thought.

Batman Begins and Memorable Movie Scenes

Yet another garage pro is Mr Bruce Wayne, more commonly known as Batman.

Batman is a crime-fighting, husky-voiced hero that drives the very famous Batmobile.

His more-than-helpful Butler (Alfred Pennyworth) feeds Batman useful information when he is on a life-saving mission.

Where is it that Alfred produces all this information from? The secret underground garage called the Batcave of course!

The Batmobile would have nowhere to live without the comforts of its custom car garage.

With no Batcave, there would be no safe place for Alfred to leak vital information to Batman.

Ever noticed all the iconic & memorable movie scenes set in garages? After reading this, you'll find that they are more important than you thought. - Batmobile

Mission Impossible Movie Scenes

In Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, there is a shot taken of a huge garage stacked with cars on top of cars on top of cars.

It is one of the largest garages seen on screen.

And it is epic. 

We won’t spoil it for you if you are yet to see it.

But in the garage scene, there is a brutal fight that’s even more epic than the garage design itself.

Needless to say, the garage scene was extremely important to the story.

Ever noticed all the iconic & memorable movie scenes set in garages? After reading this, you'll find that they are more important than you thought. - Batmobile

Scream Movie Scenes

Last, but certainly not least is Scream.

A horror film that has a creepy and frankly terrifying scene of the murderer – Ghostface – killing a character in their garage.

Without going into too much detail, it really does nail in the fact that you should have electric garage doors with safety sensors.

Forget Memorable Movie Scenes Just Get A Safer Garage Door

Now that we have scared you half to death with the idea of Ghostface calling you, we will soften the mood with offering our garage door services.