Have you ever noticed that in pretty much every brilliant film there is an epic garage scene? These movie scenes set in garages are usually not mentioned often. However, they usually are of great importance to the entire film. You’ll soon come to understand what on earth we are talking about.

Back To The Future Movie Scenes

Back To The Future is an iconic film about time travel, a crazy yet genius scientist/doctor (Dr Emmet Brown) and a young man named Marty McFly. Or better know as Doc and Marty.  So far, we have not met anyone who does not love the movie and the time-travelling, brilliant, Back To The Future car – The Delorean

But what about the very place the Delorean was created? Does anyone actually remember where it was that Doc invented this magical invention? You’ve guessed it. The garage. The best garage for scientific experiments and mad ideas. Without the garage, there would be no place for Doc to have tested out his out-of-this-world inventions. 


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Batman Begins Movie Scenes

Yet another garage pro is Mr Bruce Wayne, more commonly known as Batman. Batman is a crime-fighting, husky-voiced hero that drives the very famous Batmobile. His more-than-helpful Butler (Alfred Pennyworth) feeds Batman useful information when he is on a life-saving mission.

Where is it that Alfred produces all this information from? The secret underground garage called the Batcave of course! The Batmobile would have nowhere to live without the comforts of its custom car garage. With no Batcave, there would be no safe place for Alfred to leak vital information to Batman. 

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Mission Impossible Movie Scenes

In Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, there is a shot taken of a huge garage stacked with cars on top of cars on top of cars. It is one of the largest garages seen on screen. And it is epic. 

We won’t spoil it for you if you are yet to see it. But in the garage scene, there is a brutal fight that’s even more epic than the garage design itself. Needless to say, the garage scene was extremely important to the story.

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Scream Movie Scenes

Last, but certainly not least is Scream. A horror film that has a creepy and frankly terrifying scene of the murderer – Ghostface – killing a character in their garage. Without going into too much detail, it really does nail in the fact that you should have an electric garage door with a safety sensor. 

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