Garage Door Won’t Roll All the Way Up – How to Fix


So, your garage door is not operating properly. You do not know the causes of inconveniences. You want effective solutions to fix the issue without visiting an expert.

Garage doors cause occasionally cause problems. If you leave the issue unattended, it might cause further damage. Therefore, address the issue as soon as possible to get a cost-effective solution. In this article, we will help you to know more about garage door operating problems and solutions.

Garage Door Not Opening All the Way Up

Garage doors come with different mechanisms. They have automatic openers for easy functionality and enhanced safety. However, when the door will not open automatically, there might be some problem with the opener, alignment, and balance.

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Why Won’t the Garage Door Open All the Way To the Top

As stated earlier, the problem might be with your garage door opener. Openers feature adjustable force and travel settings. When travel adjustment is designed to set where the door will stop in the down and up positions, the force adjustment will compensate for the changes depending on weather and door conditions.

If you find that your garage door is not going all the way, you can make some adjustments by turning the screws that you will find on either side of the door opener motor.

Also, a garage door needs to be properly balanced to get the limit and force setting in the right way. When a door does not open all the way, you will have to adjust either your door or the force and travel settings.

Power source

Also, you will have to check your power source. The power source might be interrupting the operative process of your garage door. The setting of the limit might be off.


There is also a possibility that an object above the floor is causing a blockage. Even a small object can intervene and make your garage door stop.

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism of your door might be activated. When the mechanism will be activated, your door will not move. The same is about the broken springs. Broken springs can be dangerous. They can cause your garage to open and close suddenly. A faulty logic board can also stop your garage door on the way.

Logic Board

When it is caused by a faulty logic board, you can consider replacing it especially when your garage door is a few years old.

The logic board controls the garage door electrically. When there is a problem with the logic board, your garage door will not function properly. Here again, you will need the help of professionals if you do not understand the logic board and its operating process.

These are a few conditions that can intervene in the functioning of your garage door. Many of these issues can be fixed without professionals. However, please follow all the precautions when fixing the garage doors to avoid any injuries.

Call a Garage Door Specialist

If nothing helps, this is time to call a garage door specialist. These skilled and experienced professionals will find out the real cause and will fix it fast at your budget. Just make sure that you are hiring a reliable, reputed, and experienced service to get the best outcome.

garage door fixes

Garage Door Jammed – The Most Common Reasons


Garage doors are automated machines that run off sensors and electricity. This sounds very technical, but really it means that anything and everything can affect the function of your doors, from dust and dirt to insects and even the cold weather. Even the wrong switch can make a difference to your garage door and whether it jams or remains working correctly.

The good news is that there are often straightforward fixes for all door most when you are dealing with the garage door jammed. The problem is that it’s not always easy to do yourself. Some garage door repairs require the experts to help, but it’s still important to work out what the issues are so that you can look into getting them fixed quickly. If you find that you’re googling “why is my garage door jammed?” then you need to look at the following reasons it could be happening!

Common Reasons Your Garage Door Jammed

Photo Eye Sensors Are Obstructed

In the past 20 years, garage doors have been manufactured with a photo-eye sensor that controls the entire function of the door. It’s what makes it open and close in response to a button and it’s usually around 4-6 inches off the ground. The actual photo-eye is only the size of a pea, and it shoots a sophisticated laser cross the surface of the garage floor. This laser is sensitive to any objects in its path, which means if something gets in the way, it will cut off the door’s function and stop working. Check for all objects in the way and make sure the path is clear.

The Garage Door Is Locked

The garage door being locked could be what is causing the issue for the door jam. There are some garage doors out there that have a system called “full lock”, which enables you to lock the door from the outside when you turn the handle. So, if the kids have turned that handle, you’re not going to be able to open your garage door automatically, and your garage door jammed issue isn’t as big an issue as you think!

Disruption To Power Source

A power surge can cause a disruption to the power source that opens and closes your garage doors. Severe storms can do this, too, and perhaps you’ve unplugged the power source yourself and forgotten about it. It sounds simple, but it’s something that happens all too often. Always check the power outlets and fuse boxes before you call in the professionals, as it may be something that you can fix for yourself without too many issues.

Broken Springs

Garage doors operate with spring systems, and when the horizontal torsion springs break you’ll know right away. The sound itself is like a gunshot, which makes it one of the most obvious issues with your garage door. They’re not supposed to last forever, as they wear down over time and are very likely to snap off. The most common reason for a garage door jammed is a broken spring, and if you think yours have broken, you need to speak to a professional. It’s not something that should be fixed alone. There are two types of springs in your garage door, and if yours are at the top, these are torsion springs and the ones on the sides of the garage door are called extension springs. You can see right away if these have broken, and replacing them alone is dangerous.

Issues With Garage Door Sensitivity

Older garage doors commonly have an issue of the sensitivity being set too low or too high, which then leads to the door to jam. Check your instruction booklet for what to do about changing the sensitivity levels of the door, and you could even choose to readjust the limit switches and close force. A sensitive door can get stuck pretty quickly, so it’s essential to make sure it’s balanced.

Remote Control Is Broken

It’s one of the most overlooked problems with a garage door. The remote control may need a battery change, could be broken or even out of range of the door itself. Check the antenna on the garage door, too, as this is controlled by the small remote control and it could be broken. While you’re determining whether the garage remote control is broken, you should check to see whether the garage door motor is damaged or not.

Off The Rails

Garage doors work on tracks, and if the garage door that you have has moved off the rails, there’s no way it will work. You’ll hear a grind and bumping and screeching sound, and that’s when your garage door is off the rails. Check the track of the door for any bends, obstacles or gaps that could make the actual door run away with itself. Some of the track could be misaligned, and this can cause you issues that you didn’t foresee.

This isn’t something that you should fix yourself, as you need to call in the professionals for the help to get it back on the right rails. If you find that this is a problem for you, then you can tell just by seeing if the door rollers are off the track. If the door panels are intact, then you won’t need to replace the door.

Objects In The Way

There is an automatic reverse feature on your garage, and if there is an object in the way, the garage door will jam. It’s there for the safety of your family, and if there is an object in the way, the door could stop working altogether.

If your garage door starts closing only halfway, there could be something in the way of the reverse function. You should always ensure that your garage door tracks and springs are clear from objects including dust and dirt as well as other debris.

If you find that you have a problem with your garage doors, then you should speak to the experts at Rollaway Garage Doors today.

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5 Best Garage Floor Finishing Options

garage flooring options

The garage is a part of the house that could easily be neglected. Garage floors are usually subjected to high pressure due to vehicle movements and chemical spills. The pressure on garage floors could cause cracks in the flooring and stains, giving the garage an undesired visual appeal. The only way to protect the floor of the garage while beautifying it is to make use of garage floor finishing.

Planning and selecting the best type of garage flooring options is as important as choosing flooring options for the main house. Sometimes, it is easy to overlook the state of your garage and ignore the fact that the garage needs a new look. The first step in selecting a finishing option is to identify what is wrong with the garage floor and explore your preferences.  Generally, there are two options to choose from, and they include garage floor coverings and garage floor coatings.

Garage Floor Coatings and Coverings

When deciding garage flooring options, resilience and durability are the key consideration. The garage floor will require a thorough process such as floor preparation, selection of the appropriate covering or coating and its application.

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Other key things to consider are budget and the type of look you want your garage floor to have. If the garage concrete is in excellent condition, you can pick any of the two options. In cases where the garage concrete floor is not in the best shape, the first thing to decide is if you want to fix the concrete floor before applying a finishing or you want to cover the damages. Choosing to cover the damages with a garage floor covering like mats and carpets are temporary ways of making a garage floor look good. This will give you the effect you desire and also protect your concrete slab from further damage.

For a more permanent solution, garage floor coatings are better. If you decide to go for a durable surface, it is essential to select the best garage floor coating. The significant differences between garage floor coverings and coatings are further explained below. Also, the various examples under each type are listed with the pros and cons to help in your decision-making.

A garage floor covering involves the use of rollout mats, interlocking flexible or plastic tiles and sometimes carpets.  Coverings are applied directly to the garage concrete, and they are immune to moisture. The various garage floor coverings have advantages in common which include a fast and easy application. Also, floor preparation is not time-consuming, and it helps to hide stains and cracks.

However, coverings are much more expensive when compared to coatings. Garage floor coverings do not require any special expertise asides from the interlocking tiles. This means that you can apply them on your own when it is convenient for you.

Garage floor coatings include floor paints, epoxy paint and sealers. They are permanent methods of floor finishing options compared to the coverings, and they adhere to the concrete floor. Garage floor coatings will cost you less money if you do it yourself. Although, it can fail if there is incomplete floor preparation like cracks or damp concrete.

A wet concrete means that the concrete floor is absorbing moisture and this can affect the adherence to your garage floor covering. This could shorten the life-span as it would not adhere before eventually flaking off. Therefore, it is essential to test the concrete floor for moisture before application.

Epoxy paint is the best garage floor coating to use, and preparation ranges from an assessment of the garage floor to cleaning and repair if needed before finally applying the coat.

Coatings and Coverings to Consider for your Garage Finishing

1. Concrete Floor Paint

concrete floor paintPhoto by BURO 341 from Pexels

A floor paint is a type of garage floor coating, and it requires a relatively simple process. Unlike the paint used on walls, floor paint is stronger and more resilient. There are no tricks to its application, and it involves the direct coating of the floor with paint. You can do this coating if you know how to use your rollers and brushes.

In cases when you are not sure of the type of garage floor coating to go for, concrete floor paint is an excellent finishing that will also give you the desired effect. However, it is essential to take care of the garage floor, and a recoating would be needed over time. Floor paints have different types which are; the latex based floor paint and oil-based floor paint. Latex floor paint is easier to apply compared to oil based paint. However, the oil-based paint is much more durable and lasts longer because it adheres better to the concrete in the garage floor.

2. Epoxy Paint

Epoxy PaintImage source

The best garage floor coating you can consider is epoxy paint. With proper floor preparation and a good product, it is the hardest and resilient garage floor you can get. Epoxy paint is stain resistant and hot tire resistant. The use of epoxy paint can be technical as it dries up and hardens quickly.

Application of epoxy paint requires a professional as it is different from the ordinary floor paint. Therefore, it is essential to coat the garage concrete as fast as possible. Also, the flooring is left to dry permanently before use, and this can take about 6-7 days. Applying weight to the epoxy paint before drying up could distort the floor and affect the outcome. Another layer of epoxy paint can be added to make the floor more resilient. Your floor should be recoated every 4-5 years depending on the level of usage.

3. Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealer is a type of garage floor coating that can be used on its own or to complement an epoxy paint. If you don’t do anything to your garage floor, concrete sealer is the least you can apply. They protect the chemical spill from damaging the garage flooring. They are similar to floor paints, but they are stronger. Sealers are not expensive, and they are your go-to options when you are on a budget but still want a nice garage. Sealers give your garage floor a glossy and glassy look after coating. The concrete could be acrylic or urethane in nature.

Urethane sealer is stronger than acrylic but does not adhere to the garage concrete as much as the acrylic sealer. It resists chemicals effectively which is a significant reason why you could use it as a top coat. However, urethane sealer is more expensive, and it is a solvent-based garage floor coat. The application requires a respirator.

Acrylic sealers stick better to the garage concrete floor because it is an oil-based coat. It is not as strong as urethane sealer but cheaper to get. It is a good garage floor coat but requires annual recoating to maintain.

4. Interlocking Tiles

interlocking tiles

Interlocking tiles are a type of garage floor covering, and they come in various designs and shapes. These designs help to beautify the garage while also protecting the garage floor. Interlocking tiles are a floor covering to consider because they are highly flexible. Tiles can be customised or personalised based on preferences. The different patterns and colours add to the aesthetic nature of the garage.

They offer excellent resistance to moisture compared to rollout mats. When considering the use of interlocking tiles as a garage floor covering, keep in mind that they expand during extreme heat. Therefore, it is important to leave space for expansion. Interlocking tiles could be done at reasonable prices, and they require less maintenance. Another added advantage is that installation of the tiles takes 3-4 hours per 600sq ft.

5. Rollout Mats

The main garage floor covering to check out is the rollout mat. You can get it in different patterns, colours and length and it could also be personalised like the interlocking tiles. Rollout mats can be as long as 60 feet and as wide as 10 feet. This provides enough coverage for a car space. You could decide to use one colour and design for the whole garage or use a different rollout mat for each car space. Different rollout mats in one garage space is a way to spice things up especially when you are tired of old looks.  Floor preparation is minimal compared to all other garage floor coverings, and it requires vacuuming and cleaning.

The application of a rollout mat is something you can do; a professional is not needed and helps to save cost. Next step is to lay the mat on the concrete floor with edges aligned and you are good to go. A significant disadvantage of rollout mat as a floor covering is that it is subject to stain. They are durable when maintained well and managed with care.


You are now aware of the various garage floor finishing options to select. The best garage floor finishing depends on how much you plan to invest and the use for your garage. If you plan to use your garage for other purposes, the garage floor can be insulated to provide heat. It is, however, essential to maintain the garage floor well. Minimising spillage and abrasion would help to increase the lifespan of whichever garage floor covering you select.

garage floor infographic

6 Signs Why Your Garage Door Requires Repair | Infographic

When garage doors don’t operate to their desired functionality it could be frustrating and very inconvenient. There could be possible endless reasons that can abduct the garage doors smooth functioning.  The infographic illustrates the most common types of garage door repair that may be required.

Garage doors are heavy piece equipment, which could fall or quickly close when they have missing tension on the lifting string. This type of repairs when ignore can result into unassured safety. Electric garage doors openers are the important element of the garage door functioning system.

Garage door openers are not less of a hassle, they face endless issues, resulting into endless repair requirements. These issues may result in misfunctioning of the garage door openers. Openers tend to respond late to the remote-control commands and may be not respond at all.

Garage doors can make awful and cranky noises that could be disgusting to hear. This is also a scenario when the garage doors run off the tracks causing noises and disturbed functioning.

A garage door professional can inspect, diagnose and correct these problems to prevent permanent damage that would make your door misshapen.

If you notice any of the below mentioned warnings, it’s time to react and ang get garage door repair professionals called over. For more information on garage door repair or garage doors installation get in touch with us today. Enquire today for a free quote.


signs garage door requires repair

5 Good Reasons to Call Garage Door Companies | Infographic

Roll up garage doors are designed to perform basic function and serves vital purpose to park your cars inside the garage. Garage door can make up to 30% of the curb appeal of your homes. Having garage doors up to the par the ensuring their periodic maintenance can keep the resale value high.

But at times roll up garage doors may need some repairs. Planning for a DIY project sounds like a good idea but it takes up lot of your efforts and time. Best thing to do is to hire professionals for the work. Hiring a professional can surely cost you a bit but is all the worth. Garage door repair companies have profound skills and experiences which help them inspect and detect the exact issue that needs mere attention.

Also hiring professionals can help you reduce risk, since no one will be responsible for the mistakes done by you and it can be extremely dangerous for you to fix your roll up garage doors on your own. Hiring a repair company not only promises the emergency repairs but also guarantee quality repairs.

If you are looking for any type of garage door repair companies get in touch with us today. Rollaway garage doors have provided absolute customer satisfaction service. We understand how stressful garage maintenance and repairs could be, we have skilled and experienced employees who can spot and repair garage door issues efficiently.

reasons for garage door companies

How to Repair & Maintain Your Garage Doors

garage doors repair and maintenance

Your garage doors are probably one of the most used things in your entire house. This door continues to move up and down over a thousand times in a year. When we keep the garage doors in good condition, they continuously provide convenience and security. If you want your garage doors to perform well then you can do the annual inspection and general maintenance yourself. To keep your roller garage doors working smoothly for a long time, you can regularly perform/execute preventive care and maintenance for it.

Generally, people don’t do garage doors maintenance on a regular basis. But if you want to tune-up your roller garage door, then some basic step can be done by you. Or you can hire professionals who repair garage doors.

Tips for Garage Door Maintenance 

Here are some regular maintenance tips for your garage doors. By following them, you can get long-lasting garage doors.

  • Protect the Garage Doors from Damage

Check the door on both sides if any noise is coming and observe properly if there is any damage. You will find most of the damage near the bottom track. So, check the entire track as the damage can occur anywhere.

Check if there are any dents and bends on the track. If yes, they could cause larger damage. Maybe some of the damaged parts are not visible but they could be damaged. If you roll your finger on the entire track then you can feel those damages. This is the indicator that there is unwanted friction in the garage door track.

  • Adjust the Door’s Level and Alignment

Garage doors should be in proper level or alignment. But if not, then garage doors cannot open correctly or the door comes out of the track. So, when you adjust the door alignment with the track, make sure the roller works properly. You can adjust the track so that it aligns with the weather stripping.

  • Garage Doors Require Deep Cleaning

You have to clean all cobwebs and debris from the garage doors. You can use a paintbrush to remove all dirt and dust. You can use an old piece of cloth or a vacuum cleaner for the garage’s windows and entry door for deep cleaning. Deep cleaning may be harder and time-consuming job, but once it is completed, your garage door looks neat and clean. Also, that gives a long life to your garage doors. You can do this once every few weeks to keep your garage door clean for as long as possible.

  • Tighten Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners

Screws, nuts, bolts and fasteners have a natural propensity to become loose and come out from the screw holes. If you see a screw is getting loose or coming out, make sure you tighten it. However, if you are going to tighten a screw then you need to carefully evaluate the door and the screw. You can ensure your garage door gets a long life with a professional maintenance service.

Tips for Repairing Your Garage Doors

Garage doors have a variety of safety features and closing options. Garage doors that have a moving and rolling up action need regular maintenance and repairing service with time. If you are experiencing any problem with the safety features, follow these steps. But if you are facing some major problem, then call a professional repairman.

  • Check the Metal Tracks

Firstly, you have to check the mounting brackets, which hold the tracks to the wall. If you feel the brackets are loose, then tighten the nut, bolt and screw. Whenever you do garage doors installation, make sure that you work inside the garage and the door should be closed. Inspect for dents, crimps or flat spots. If you see any worse damage, then replace them.

  • Check the Detached Hardware

You must check for detached doors. Also, examine the plate where the spring is mounted and make sure the screw should be tight. If you find the screw is loose then tighten it. Sometimes, the screw hole is enlarged. If so, then replace with new screws of the same diameter. You can even use hollow fibre plugs dipped in carpenter’s glue with the new screw during the garage door repairs.

  • Replace the Old Openers

Many times, older electric garage doors (automatic opener) do not work properly or they can also become outdated. This can lead to a weakness in your garage doors. Also, would be burglars find it easier to crack older automatic systems. This can create a serious security risk. Average door openers have 10 to 15 years of lifespan, but some might last longer or some only for a short amount of time. Either way, regular maintenance can help increase the lifespan of your garage doors.

Garage Conversion Ideas And How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym

Garage Conversion Ideas And How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym

Garage conversion ideas are available in abundance.

Getting in to good shape with the sole reason of looking good should not be a goal, getting fit and healthy should be.

With this said, not many of us average Joes and Janes have the time or effort, to go to the gym after a long day at work.

Which is why a lot of people like are looking for garage conversion ideas for converting a garage to a gym.

If you are like many of the UK population, paying for an expensive gym membership is not even a choice.

With only 20% of us using our garages to store our cars regularly, the remaining 80% must have a wasted space full of junk.

Just think of all that potential;

That’s why we want to share some tips on how to do a Garage Gym Conversion.

Convert Garage To Gym

Convert Garage to Gym

Ah, potential. What a wonderful word, full of inspiration and budding plausibility.

Potential that is within the realm of possibility.

How promising and conceivable the idea of a garage door conversion for turning your garage into your own personal garage gym.

Filled with exercise equipment you won’t have to wait in line for, cleared of sweaty muscled show offs and ‘conveniently’ placed mirrors, that remind you of all the beading eyes in gym.

Garage Conversion Ideas – Convert Garage To Gym UK

However, converting a garage can be quite the task.

Especially if you have no idea where to get started and if it is even possible within a reasonable budget.

Although it seems like a lot of work and expenses, it could be the solution to a healthier you.

If you are asking yourself the question “how much to convert a garage into a gym”?

Below, you will learn a rough idea of a garage gym conversion cost and how to create a fitness sanctuary.

Garage Conversion Ideas And How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym
Garage Conversion Ideas And How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym

How Much Is A Garage Conversion – Costs to Consider For DIY Projects

With every DIY project, there are always a handful of obstacles waiting to put a halt to any efforts.

To avoid these, we suggest making a list of things that are going to need doing, before starting the process to keep track of how much to convert a garage.

For example, all the DIY tools you’ll need and a list of cheap gym equipment you want within the garage.

Ask yourself, what is reasonable and obtainable.

There is no point having huge aspirations that are unrealistic.

Once you have developed a plan of action, start researching the costs. How much is a treadmill? How much electricity will the gym equipment be using?

This is all useful information to know when deciding if a home garage gym conversion is worth having rather than a gym membership.

Home Garage Gym Ideas And Electrical Appliances

Before you buy any equipment that will need plugging in, make sure to install enough plug sockets.

Also, think about the lighting in your garage, is it bright enough to be spending a period of time in?

If not it might be time for some new lighting fixtures.

Storage of Exercise Equipment

For an in-depth guide to garage storage, our previous blog will offer our garage storage ideas.

So, you’ve made a list to figure out what needs doing first, you’ve asked the appropriate questions.

All that is left is to start. We would suggest clearing out your garage first, possibly selling any unused items or giving them to charity.

Use the money you earned to go towards the garage renovation.

Then, sort out the garage insulation for winter with a garage door conversion.

Possibly by replacing or converting your garage door with an insulated garage door that you can ask us about.

Garage To Gym Conversions – Convert Your Garage Into Your Perfect Gym For Your Workouts

Now, before buying your equipment, have a think about the type of workouts you would like to do.

Maybe you want to concentrate on building muscle, in which case you would buy a gym weight set, kettlebells for perfecting the kettlebell swing and a weight bench.

On the other hand, you might prefer to be doing more aerobic gym exercises.

This would be best for relaxation and toning.

Freeing up floor space and purchasing suitable mats for floor work would be ideal.

You might want to do cardio for weight loss which would mean an elliptical, treadmill and stationary bike would be more suitable.

Garage Conversion Ideas And How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym
Garage Conversion Ideas And How To Convert Your Garage Into A Gym

Garage Conversion Workout Music for Staying Motivated

Once you have finished your garage conversion, you should make a workout playlist.

Or, even have a TV installed on the wall, so you can flick through channels while on the running machine.

The main thing is to stay motivated, remember why you built your little gym and how much effort you put into making it.

This will be sure to give you the inspiration to continue to use your home gym.

If all else fails, look at the adorable picture of the dog lifting weights. Look how happy he is with his red towel resting on his shoulders like a superhero’s cape.

It’s not an easy task to turn your garage into a gym, but it is definitely worthwhile and rewarding process.

The process that is required to convert garage into gym uses multiple different stages, from having to insulate the walls, to get the equipment into the room.

It’s definitely a costly process, but it’s one which allows you to save money on having to sign up to a public gym, which in some cases can cost you up to £80 a month.

You also save money from transport and who knows, the fact that you’ve managed to turn your garage into gym may give you the motivation you need to get fit.

Garage Conversion Ideas For Home Gyms

Like, share and let us know your thoughts in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.

The Top Garage Storage Solutions & Ideas For Total Organisation

The Top Garage Storage Solutions & Ideas For Total Organisation

Looking for quick organising tips for a garage clean out and garage storage solutions?

We’ve compiled the top garage storage ideas, garage storage solutions and ideas for keeping a tidy garage.

Keep reading to find out more.

Garages Storage Solutions UK

One of many simple garage storage ideas we have stumbled upon is using wall space to an advantage.

Many of us forget about the blank walls that stand bolt upright, ready to be useful.

Hanging all our tools saves us from rummaging aimlessly in drawers and messy tables.

All you need to do is stick a few hooks or nails in the wall, pretty easy.

If you can’t bring yourself to hammer in a few nails to your unmarked walls, then get a cheap pegboard.

Not only will these storage space tips allow more room, but they will also bring organisation.

Which is why hanging your tools will help get jobs done with ease.

The Top Garage Storage Solutions & Ideas For Total Organisation

Top Garage Storage Tips

Keeping a tidy garage is a key factor in a happy, organised garage.

Organising your tools, nails and any other supplies in garage storage boxes can save so much time.

Imagine you’re searching for a specific nail, but you chucked it in the draw with the rest of your random bits and bobs.

Along the rummaging you cut your finger without ever finding the nail. Now, imagine the same situation, but you threw the nail in a dedicated box for it.

A home along with all the other nails of that size.

With these quick organising tips, you’ve managed to spare time and injury.

There are many simple storage tips that are simple and cheap.

All you have to do is put in the effort to tidy up and before you know it, your garage will be safer and easy to find the tools you want.

The Top Garage Storage Solutions & Ideas For Total Organisation

Garage Storage Solutions and Shelving Ideas

Another one of our storage hacks that utilise your walls are garage shelving solutions.

You can buy cheap shelving brackets from a local DIY store, or places like Ikea.

You could even turn this into a small DIY project by using slabs of wood cut down to size.

This is a great way to add more character to your garage and really making it your own personal space.

This is also one of many garage workshop ideas.

Using spare wood as a tabletop or workshop is pretty simple to do.

However, make sure to check the wood being used isn’t crumbling or moulding.

As this could result in a number of future issues.

Garage Storage Solutions and Ideas For Small Garages

Limited space in a garage can cause problems with coming up with storing ideas.

Which is why you need cheap garage storage ideas.

Another place to use as storage is the ceiling.

Add a few upside-down tables to the ceiling or a few racks.

Be sure to fix them all to the ceiling properly to avoid any possible accidents.

The side hinged garage doors are best for this as they don’t take up any ceiling space.

We hope you have enjoyed these clever storage tips.