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So, your garage door is not operating properly. You do not know the causes of inconveniences. You want effective solutions to fix the issue without visiting an expert.

Garage doors cause occasionally cause problems. If you leave the issue unattended, it might cause further damage. Therefore, address the issue as soon as possible to get a cost-effective solution. In this article, we will help you to know more about garage door operating problems and solutions.

Garage Door Not Opening All the Way Up

Garage doors come with different mechanisms. They have automatic openers for easy functionality and enhanced safety. However, when the door will not open automatically, there might be some problem with the opener, alignment, and balance.

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Why Won’t the Garage Door Open All the Way To the Top

As stated earlier, the problem might be with your garage door opener. Openers feature adjustable force and travel settings. When travel adjustment is designed to set where the door will stop in the down and up positions, the force adjustment will compensate for the changes depending on weather and door conditions.

If you find that your garage door is not going all the way, you can make some adjustments by turning the screws that you will find on either side of the door opener motor.

Also, a garage door needs to be properly balanced to get the limit and force setting in the right way. When a door does not open all the way, you will have to adjust either your door or the force and travel settings.

Power source

Also, you will have to check your power source. The power source might be interrupting the operative process of your garage door. The setting of the limit might be off.


There is also a possibility that an object above the floor is causing a blockage. Even a small object can intervene and make your garage door stop.

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism of your door might be activated. When the mechanism will be activated, your door will not move. The same is about the broken springs. Broken springs can be dangerous. They can cause your garage to open and close suddenly. A faulty logic board can also stop your garage door on the way.

Logic Board

When it is caused by a faulty logic board, you can consider replacing it especially when your garage door is a few years old.

The logic board controls the garage door electrically. When there is a problem with the logic board, your garage door will not function properly. Here again, you will need the help of professionals if you do not understand the logic board and its operating process.

These are a few conditions that can intervene in the functioning of your garage door. Many of these issues can be fixed without professionals. However, please follow all the precautions when fixing the garage doors to avoid any injuries.

Call a Garage Door Specialist

If nothing helps, this is time to call a garage door specialist. These skilled and experienced professionals will find out the real cause and will fix it fast at your budget. Just make sure that you are hiring a reliable, reputed, and experienced service to get the best outcome.

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