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Roll up garage doors usually use springs to balance them. There are two types of strings; extension or torsion. If your old door has the torsion springs do not attempt to remove them unless you have safe pair of hands that is; a professional assistance, this may result into a serious injury, hence have a qualified garage door repair service. When planning to buy garage door, one must take into account all the possible safety measure while installation. You must always take into consideration that never place any brackets directly on the dry wall always mount them on the wooden bucks this is very important as it may lead to a dangerous amount of force on the wall itself which can prove to be risky. The roll up garage doors tracks must be installed following all the necessary manufacturer instruction, an ignorance to this step can allow the garage doors to fall off a sudden which may cause fatal injuries.

Roll up garage doors come in all sizes according your requirements, garage doors uk prices may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and brand to brand depending on the service provided. Let’s talk about the maintenance, it is mandatory annually, garage doors may slip in case of ignored or prolonged maintenance and cause injuries that might be severe.

Following the above steps with lots of care and safety measures to be taken garage doors installations can be done.Garage doors installation instructions