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A well-insulated garage door is a must-have for every homeowner. It comes in handy offering a wide array of perks like:

Reduction of  Energy Bills

A majority of energy saving tips typically concentrate on the rooms that are inside the house. Garages are usually left out when it comes to the reduction of energy use because they are not part of the living space.

Construction is also different where you can find more gaps that facilitate air leakage, making them one of the least energy efficient areas of your home.

Some garages may, however, have some conditioned rooms above them which means that they end up transferring cold air to the rooms close by.

When you insulate the garage door, it implies that you will automatically save on energy so that you are not always dealing with exorbitant bills.

Reduce Energy Use

Reduction of Noise Transmission

Garage doors that are insulated are usually less noisy than the opposite option. This can help bring some peace and quiet into your home as insulation helps to create a barrier between you and noises from the outside.

You can expect less noise from the insulated doors because they are usually constructed more tightly when you compare them to other doors. This is because the panels are made from layered materials that help to dampen the vibrations.

Insulated Garage Doors Tend to be more Durable

Having to replace your garage door often can be quite draining. This is something you can avoid by insulation because it comes with an added benefit of additional durability. The construction of the doors makes them stronger when you compare them with the single layer doors.

The doors also hold less heat maintaining moderate temperatures implying that extreme weather conditions do not adversely affect the doors therefore prolonging their lifespan.


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Protection of Cars and Other Belongings

Insulating the doors of the garage also plays a role when it comes to protecting your car and other belongings that are in the space. Items in the garage will most likely not be in freezing conditions if the door is already insulated.

Temperature differences have been known to damage various items including the consistency of motor oil, paints, fertilizers, and cleaning supplies. Short battery life, unreliable spark plugs, and wiring, low pressure in tires are a snippet of the problems that your car can face when exposed to freezing temperature affecting its proper running.

As seen above, having a warm garage is definitely more convenient making your life a lot easier.


I have come to learn that there are very many people who are missing out on the “luxury” of temperature control in the garage. These are individuals who have to deal with continuous temperature fluctuations, which can cause significant damages to items and your wallet as well. The number one reason behind this is that some individuals believe that insulating a garage door is a costly venture.

If you belong to this category, I am here to change your mind. It is possible to insulate a garage door without having to spend a fortune. Here is a simple process on how to do it.

1. Get Measurements of the Door

To know the amount of insulation you will need, measure the garage door to know the materials you will be working with. Get the dimensions of all the panels on the door.

Do this by measuring the width and length of the entire section that forms the garage door. They are usually the same size giving you an easy time when calculating the insulation you need. Record the measurements if you will not be working section by section.

Garage Doors Measurments

2. Gather Materials

With the measurements in hand, it is time to start collecting all the materials you need to get the job done. These include:

  • Foam Boards – These come highly recommended because they are affordable and relatively easy to install. They are typically made from polystyrene offering a firm and stiff insulation option that is perfect for the garage door. They are also known to be hard-wearing and light in weight. The foam boards are available in large panels.
  • A razor blade or a box cutter.
  • Glue or adhesive.

You can easily get this at your favourite hardware store. Some stores will even cut the boards to your specifications. This is a welcome move because it makes the workload lighter in that all you need to do is place them when they need to be without the hustle of cutting them up. Take time to compare prices from different stores, so that you can shop from the one that offers the best deals.

3. Prepare the Foam

You will go through this step if you get the foam boards that have not yet been cut. This is important because it determines the end results. Use the measurements you got on the first step to cut the foam into size. Do not stop cutting until you get enough insulation for your garage door.

4. Adhere the Foam to the Door

Pick up the cut insulation and adhere it to the door. Ensure that the areas are free from dust and other dirt particles before placing the foam. If need be, you can use duct or masking tape to help hold the foam into place before the glue dries out.

Repeat the process until you have secured all the foam board in place. Work with a single panel at a time to make sure it fits accurately. Relax and wait for the glue to dry. Leave it out the entire day so that it dries well.

5. Apply Foam Sealant and Mash

This is an optional step that you can do if you are in the mood. It helps to complete the project well by filling in any small gaps that may be between the garage door and the foam panels.

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Using Garage Door Insulation Kits

If you are not feeling the foam board option, there is no need to worry because you can invest in quality insulation kits that work as a great alternative to the option above. These are usually available in both online and traditional stores.

Look for a kit that will cover the entire garage door. Some guidelines to follow when purchasing the kits include:

  • The size of the door – When working with a double garage, you may have to buy multiple kits if you want to insulate the entire door.
  • Get the kit that has the highest R-value if you want the best insulation.
  • Do not shy away from asking for help from the store you are getting the kits, if you are unsure of what to add to the cart.

The kits come with retaining pins that you will use across the door to help keep the insulation in place. They are usually metal or plastic spikes which you can easily stick to the door.

Garage Door Insulation Kits

Considerations when Insulating the Garage Doors

While taking up the insulation project, there are a couple of things you need to have in mind such as:

  1. Local building authority building codes. Note that the codes require rigid foam insulation to be accompanied by fire-rated material when you use it in living areas. Even though the garage is not a living area, it is still important to consult with the authorities to know the way forward.
  2. As you are shopping for the adhesive, it is advisable to reach for the one that is usable with the foam. Some adhesives and glues will end up disappointing you because they degrade the foam slowly.
  • Think about the weight of the door when you want to insulate it. Adding extra weight to the doors can cause unwanted pressure on the spring system. If you will be adding additional weights, ensure that you adjust the spring system accordingly.
  1. Be sure to march the insulation that matches climate and the garage door seamlessly. For instance, when dealing with steel doors, there is the freedom to work with different types of insulation. Panel and wood frame doors may do well with two layers of the foam board for climate control. Reflective insulation or form boards are a great option for flat garage doors that do not have any panels.
  2. Cleaning the garage door with paper towels and household cleaner is essential as it removes all the grease, grime, and dirt that has been building up. This also makes the application of adhesives a lot easier. Remember to always work on a door that is completely dry.

Closing Remarks

There are multiple perks you will enjoy insulating the doors of your garage. Following the steps above you can do the job right without wasting any time or spending a fortune. If for some reason you feel like DIY is not your specialty, you can always work with the Rollaway Garage Doors Company. This is a top company that has over 20 years’ of experience in offering superior garage door installation and repair services. The service provider gives you a ten-year guarantee on the services it renders.