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Up And Over Garage Doors Essex (UK)

Our up and over garage doors in Essex come in two varieties: Canopy, the most popular of the two choices and Retractable, the more advanced option of the two. Before we dive into the details of each varieties, it is beneficial to explain what an up and over garage door is.

Up and Over Garage Doors Essex
Up and Over Garage Doors Essex

Up and Over Doors Essex - Garage Door Fitters Essex

Up and Over Garage Doors Essex

Up and Over garage doors are very simplistic and you pretty much get everything at face value; the up and over garage door panel is lifted vertically, literally up and over into your garage. This is done by the use of one of two mechanisms, which is what the Canopy and Retractable versions mean. Canopy doors have an overhang, creating a slight roof when opened, whereas the retractable door goes fully inside the garage. The Canopy Up and Over garage door has side arms and top springs. When open, about ⅓ of the garage door is outside of the garage. This doesn’t affect much, as there’s still space inside the garage, however it does mean you compromise the aesthetics when open. 

The top springs hold the door panel in place and help take off the weight of opening and closing. This is only available in the manual mode but it does have a pull string to make closing the door easier. This version is one of the most well known and well used types of garage up and over doors. Due to their simplicity canopy up and over garage doors aren’t usually built for the wider garages, in this case you may want to look at a side hinged garage door, which opens outwards and allows more space above.

Retractable Up and Over Garage Door

The retractable up and over garage door is almost like an upgraded version of the Canopy due to just a few small adjustments. They have side sprung arms that get folded away as you close the garage door. The door does not hang at all outside of the garage, which is another plus. This makes it more spacious and you won’t have a slab of door hanging out of your garage! Contrary, this does cost width space due to the side arms that can be quite bulky and sit on the frames of the door. As one of the most popular garage door types, up and over garage doors are available from Rollaway Garage Doors in a variety of colours and finishes and are ideal for electric garage door installations.

Up and Over Garage Doors Essex

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