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There is nothing more convenient than Electric Garage Doors. Being able to open your automatic garage door with a simple click of a button. Pull up, drive in and another tap of the button and the door closes behind you. All without having to leave your car. No keys or door locks are required as the electric operator comes with fully automatic locking as standard.

Automatic Garage Doors offer the ultimate upgrade home convenience. At Rollaway Garage Doors we are leading suppliers of electric garage doors in Essex. We can install electric operators in several sizes to suit a wide variety of buildings and doors. All our electric operators have an automatic courtesy light that comes on when the automatic garage door opens.


Additionally a touch sensitive safety system that stops the door and opens it if anything impedes the closing of the door. A simple to use manual over ride is fitted to make sure there are no issues with your automatic garage doors can be opened or closed in the event of a power failure. A soft closing action ensures the door closes smoothly and quietly.

Every operator is supplied with two key fob hand held transmitters. These come as standard and a wide range of control options available. Upgrading to electric garage doors is definitely a worthwhile option.


Electric Garage Doors - Electric Garage Door Installations in Essex


There are some excellent benefits of installing an electric garage door for your home or business.

If you’re looking for safety and convenience, automatic garage doors deliver both for you, while also helping your property look smarter.

People can stick with the same old garage doors for too long because nothing is pushing them to change it, but knowing how automatic garage doors could help you might finally push you to make a change.

It doesn’t take much to get your electric garage doors installed, and you could soon be enjoying the benefits of choosing an electric door over a manual one.


An automatic garage door can offer a superior level of safety over a manual door.

Once upon a time, they weren’t quite as safe as they are today. But now more stringent safety measures have made them as safe as can be.

All electric garage doors need to comply with the correct legislation to make sure they perform well and keep everyone safe.

They are required to have a number of safety features, such as obstruction detection systems to prevent them from closing on top of anything. All of our electric garage doors are fully compliant with regulations.


Enhanced security is another great reason to select an electric garage door. Your garage is used to house your car or other vehicles, or perhaps other valuable goods, such as sports or gardening equipment, or tools.

You need to keep it secure to protect what’s inside it, and often to prevent access to the rest of your home too.

With an automatic garage door, only someone holding the remote control can open the door. It can also help to provide an extra sense of safety and security for you personally, removing the need to get out of your car in the dark.


Of course, having an electric garage door offers you incredible convenience too. You can open and close your garage door without having to walk right up to it, and you can do it from inside your car.

You can get in and out of your car without having to brave the cold or rain.

Plus, it takes the effort out of opening and closing the door. You don’t need to be strong or a certain height to get your garage door open. The simple touch of a button will have it smoothly rolling open in no time at all, saving you time and energy.


Installation of Electric Garage Doors in Essex is also a vital part of ensuring safety, which is why it’s important to use experienced professionals like Rollaway Garage Doors.

It doesn’t take long to get a brand new electric garage door installed in your garage. Our qualified, experienced team can get your new door in place in just a few hours, whether you want to convert a manual door to an electric one or install a door in a new garage.

If you’ve spent too long using a manual door, it’s time to embrace the benefits of an automatic garage door and improve your life in a significant way.

Converting manual garage doors to automatic garage doors comes with many benefits.

Our team will be able to advise on what you will need and the costs and work involved with a free quote.

Our expert technicians operate across Essex, offering installation of automatic garage doors using only the best quality, most powerful and best value for money motors.

For over 40 years we have been automating garage doors for homes and businesses.

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