6 Signs Why Your Garage Door Requires Repair | Infographic

When garage doors don’t operate to their desired functionality it could be frustrating and very inconvenient. There could be possible endless reasons that can abduct the garage doors smooth functioning.  The infographic illustrates the most common types of garage door repair that may be required.

Garage doors are heavy piece equipment, which could fall or quickly close when they have missing tension on the lifting string. This type of repairs when ignore can result into unassured safety. Electric garage doors openers are the important element of the garage door functioning system.

Garage door openers are not less of a hassle, they face endless issues, resulting into endless repair requirements. These issues may result in misfunctioning of the garage door openers. Openers tend to respond late to the remote-control commands and may be not respond at all.

Garage doors can make awful and cranky noises that could be disgusting to hear. This is also a scenario when the garage doors run off the tracks causing noises and disturbed functioning.

A garage door professional can inspect, diagnose and correct these problems to prevent permanent damage that would make your door misshapen.

If you notice any of the below mentioned warnings, it’s time to react and ang get garage door repair professionals called over. For more information on garage door repair or garage doors installation get in touch with us today. Enquire today for a free quote.


signs garage door requires repair

How to Fix a Garage Door that is Noisy

It is wise to always keep your garage in the best condition. You have to ensure your garage door is inspected from time to time. The garage door is an important part of this storage room. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and should be inspected occasionally to make sure it is in tip-top condition.

There are several problems with garage doors. One frequent problem is a noisy garage door. A noisy garage door can be caused by the many springs, cables, pulleys and other components that make the opening and closing garage system work.

A noisy garage door can be a problem that even your neighbours are pissed off with. The noise may also be so loud that it even wakes your family members when you open or close it. The good news is that this is a problem that can be easily fixed.

You can do it yourself or seek the services of professionals in the market. If you have been trying to fix your noisy garage door in vain, here are some tips to guide you;

1. Tighten all loose nuts and bolts

Bolts and nuts are used to hold garage doors in place. The frequent opening and closing of garage door cause vibrations and these vibrations can loosen the nuts and bolts after a period of time. You need to use a socket wrench to tighten those wobbly nuts on the track system and the opener chain.

Inspect all the nuts and bolts and ascertain whether they are loose or not. Then go on and use the right tools to tighten these nuts and bolts, but ensure you don’t overtighten them. You should be cautious as you tighten these bolts and nuts as overtightening them will make it hard to open or close the garage door.


Tighten all loose nuts and bolts

2. Lubricate all the moving parts

As time passes, your garage door will get old, and this will cause the door to start wearing out.  This effect is known to cause a loud screeching and grinding noise, when you open or close your garage door. You need to take time and inspect your door hinges and determine whether there are any signs of cracks. If you notice that your door is ageing, it is wise to lubricate all the moving parts of the door.

All the moving parts of your garage door need to be maintained to their tip-top condition. This is possible through regular lubrication that helps reduce friction between these moving parts of the door. You need to carefully lubricate the inside of the door track, around the hinges and the rollers. However, you have to make sure that you use the right lubricant.

Don’t make the same mistake many inexperienced garage owners make by using poor quality lubricants. It is advisable to opt for quality silicone or lithium spray that will provide your garage door thicker coating, and one that will last longer. Essentially, shun oil-repellent sprays that are low in quality and will not reduce the persistent noisy garage door problem.

moving parts

3. Upgrade or replace your rollers

Rollers are an important part of your garage door, and you should replace them immediately if you realize that they are the main source of the noise. Your garage door will require a dozen of rollers, especially if you own a five-section garage door. You should be considerate as your upgrade your garage doors.

It is wise to opt for nylon rollers instead of metal rollers as they are quieter and you don’t need to regularly lubricate them. Nylon rollers are also high quality, and will cost more but you should not be discouraged by their high cost.

Nylon rollers also come with sealed bearings that easily keep dirt and soil away. It is not easy to replace bottom rollers as they are always under tension, and if you fix them without proper equipment or expertise can be more hazardous.

4. Inspect and fix garage door hinges

Hinges hold together your garage door and make it easy to open and close. You should at all times make sure the hinges are working properly, and in the best condition. If you inspect your hinges and find out that they are wearing out, its time to replace them. Lubrication will also reduce any friction and get rid of the disturbing noise.

You should also replace your garage door hinges, if you realize they have cracks for safety purposes as well as for noise reduction.

5. Inspect your garage door opener

Many garage owners will always speculate that the noise emanates from the rollers or hinges. However, door openers can also cause a loud racket. The noise may be as a result of a door motor that has worn out and needs a new replacement.

You need to cautiously inspect the rail system on the door opener. If your door uses a metal chain, you need to inspect it and check whether it needs immediate lubrication to prevent it from rattling against the door rail when it opens.

You can invest in a door opener with a belt-drive operator, as it does not make noise when you open or close the garage door. Replace your old garage door with a belt-driven design that works as expected.

6. Replace garage door locks

The noisy garage door problem may be as a result of misalignment of the locking bars. You can easily fix the problem by checking and readjusting the garage door locking system. Start by looking at how the lock bar hits the garage door track.

If the lock is not properly installed or looks loose and produces noise in the process, you should consider tightening the bolts and the screws and ensure you align them properly. If you notice that your garage door locks are damaged, waste no time. You need to get new ones and replace the ageing and wearing out locks. You also need to seek professional help, and fix the lock problem and reduce unnecessary noise.

7. Check the garage door springs

If you notice your garage door is hitting the floor too hard when you open it or closing, its time to check and repair the springs. The springs may be worn-out and old, and you need to replace them. If it is not the first time to replace your springs, you can use the right tools and your experience to do the spring work.

If you cannot do it yourself, you can seek professional help. For your springs to operate exceptionally well, you need to lubricate them regularly and undertake routine garage door maintenance.

8. Replace damaged rubber insulation strip

The insulation strip is usually located at the bottom of the garage door. This strip helps the garage door to close properly without making any unnecessary noise. When you notice your garage door insulation strip is missing or worn-out, you should replace it immediately with a new one.

The rubber insulation on the door acts as shock absorber and ensures the door closes or opens quietly and properly. The rubber insulation also prevents the door from banging when forcefully closed. There is an affordable rubber insulation strip that you can purchase that is designed specifically for garage doors.

9. Always undertake regular maintenance

You should not wait until your garage door starts making loud or screeching noise before you can fix it. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your garage door in the best condition. You can lubricate and clean every part of the garage door that needs cleaning. You can master this routine if you keep doing it yourself.  All you need is quality lubricants and the right maintenance tools.

regular maintenance

10. Call a professional

You should not assume your noisy garage door. Most garage door problems can be fixed without much hassle. Sometimes, the garage door problem may be demanding, and it is wise to seek professional assistance.  You may require professional assistance to fix or replace torsion springs and bearings.

Besides fixing the garage door problem at hand, the professional you are dealing with will also give you crucial advice on how to maintain or keep your garage door in tip-top condition. It might be a bit expensive to deal with a professional but it pays off by the end of the day. In fact, you will be able to fix the noise problem once and for all or learn how to prevent similar future noise problems.

Don’t just opt for any individual who says can fix garage noise problem. Conduct thorough research, seek recommendation, and make sure you are dealing with an experienced, trained and licensed professional.

The Bottom Line

You should at all times keep your garage in the best condition. If you invest in a garage, you should also ensure every part of the garage is properly maintained. A noisy garage door can be a disruption, especially if you use the garage on a daily basis. The good news is that if your garage door is closing and opening properly, this should no longer be a major issue.

You just need to get the right tools, lubricants and fix the common garage door problems that cause this noise. If stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us at Rollaway Garage Doors for the best garage door repair and replacement services.

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How to Insulate a Garage Door on a Budget

A well-insulated garage door is a must-have for every homeowner. It comes in handy offering a wide array of perks like:

Reduction of  Energy Bills

A majority of energy saving tips typically concentrate on the rooms that are inside the house. Garages are usually left out when it comes to the reduction of energy use because they are not part of the living space.

Construction is also different where you can find more gaps that facilitate air leakage, making them one of the least energy efficient areas of your home.

Some garages may, however, have some conditioned rooms above them which means that they end up transferring cold air to the rooms close by.

When you insulate the garage door, it implies that you will automatically save on energy so that you are not always dealing with exorbitant bills.

Reduce Energy Use

Reduction of Noise Transmission

Garage doors that are insulated are usually less noisy than the opposite option. This can help bring some peace and quiet into your home as insulation helps to create a barrier between you and noises from the outside.

You can expect less noise from the insulated doors because they are usually constructed more tightly when you compare them to other doors. This is because the panels are made from layered materials that help to dampen the vibrations.

Insulated Garage Doors Tend to be more Durable

Having to replace your garage door often can be quite draining. This is something you can avoid by insulation because it comes with an added benefit of additional durability. The construction of the doors makes them stronger when you compare them with the single layer doors.

The doors also hold less heat maintaining moderate temperatures implying that extreme weather conditions do not adversely affect the doors therefore prolonging their lifespan.


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Protection of Cars and Other Belongings

Insulating the doors of the garage also plays a role when it comes to protecting your car and other belongings that are in the space. Items in the garage will most likely not be in freezing conditions if the door is already insulated.

Temperature differences have been known to damage various items including the consistency of motor oil, paints, fertilizers, and cleaning supplies. Short battery life, unreliable spark plugs, and wiring, low pressure in tires are a snippet of the problems that your car can face when exposed to freezing temperature affecting its proper running.

As seen above, having a warm garage is definitely more convenient making your life a lot easier.


I have come to learn that there are very many people who are missing out on the “luxury” of temperature control in the garage. These are individuals who have to deal with continuous temperature fluctuations, which can cause significant damages to items and your wallet as well. The number one reason behind this is that some individuals believe that insulating a garage door is a costly venture.

If you belong to this category, I am here to change your mind. It is possible to insulate a garage door without having to spend a fortune. Here is a simple process on how to do it.

1. Get Measurements of the Door

To know the amount of insulation you will need, measure the garage door to know the materials you will be working with. Get the dimensions of all the panels on the door.

Do this by measuring the width and length of the entire section that forms the garage door. They are usually the same size giving you an easy time when calculating the insulation you need. Record the measurements if you will not be working section by section.

Garage Doors Measurments

2. Gather Materials

With the measurements in hand, it is time to start collecting all the materials you need to get the job done. These include:

  • Foam Boards – These come highly recommended because they are affordable and relatively easy to install. They are typically made from polystyrene offering a firm and stiff insulation option that is perfect for the garage door. They are also known to be hard-wearing and light in weight. The foam boards are available in large panels.
  • A razor blade or a box cutter.
  • Glue or adhesive.

You can easily get this at your favourite hardware store. Some stores will even cut the boards to your specifications. This is a welcome move because it makes the workload lighter in that all you need to do is place them when they need to be without the hustle of cutting them up. Take time to compare prices from different stores, so that you can shop from the one that offers the best deals.

3. Prepare the Foam

You will go through this step if you get the foam boards that have not yet been cut. This is important because it determines the end results. Use the measurements you got on the first step to cut the foam into size. Do not stop cutting until you get enough insulation for your garage door.

4. Adhere the Foam to the Door

Pick up the cut insulation and adhere it to the door. Ensure that the areas are free from dust and other dirt particles before placing the foam. If need be, you can use duct or masking tape to help hold the foam into place before the glue dries out.

Repeat the process until you have secured all the foam board in place. Work with a single panel at a time to make sure it fits accurately. Relax and wait for the glue to dry. Leave it out the entire day so that it dries well.

5. Apply Foam Sealant and Mash

This is an optional step that you can do if you are in the mood. It helps to complete the project well by filling in any small gaps that may be between the garage door and the foam panels.

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Using Garage Door Insulation Kits

If you are not feeling the foam board option, there is no need to worry because you can invest in quality insulation kits that work as a great alternative to the option above. These are usually available in both online and traditional stores.

Look for a kit that will cover the entire garage door. Some guidelines to follow when purchasing the kits include:

  • The size of the door – When working with a double garage, you may have to buy multiple kits if you want to insulate the entire door.
  • Get the kit that has the highest R-value if you want the best insulation.
  • Do not shy away from asking for help from the store you are getting the kits, if you are unsure of what to add to the cart.

The kits come with retaining pins that you will use across the door to help keep the insulation in place. They are usually metal or plastic spikes which you can easily stick to the door.

Garage Door Insulation Kits

Considerations when Insulating the Garage Doors

While taking up the insulation project, there are a couple of things you need to have in mind such as:

  1. Local building authority building codes. Note that the codes require rigid foam insulation to be accompanied by fire-rated material when you use it in living areas. Even though the garage is not a living area, it is still important to consult with the authorities to know the way forward.
  2. As you are shopping for the adhesive, it is advisable to reach for the one that is usable with the foam. Some adhesives and glues will end up disappointing you because they degrade the foam slowly.
  • Think about the weight of the door when you want to insulate it. Adding extra weight to the doors can cause unwanted pressure on the spring system. If you will be adding additional weights, ensure that you adjust the spring system accordingly.
  1. Be sure to march the insulation that matches climate and the garage door seamlessly. For instance, when dealing with steel doors, there is the freedom to work with different types of insulation. Panel and wood frame doors may do well with two layers of the foam board for climate control. Reflective insulation or form boards are a great option for flat garage doors that do not have any panels.
  2. Cleaning the garage door with paper towels and household cleaner is essential as it removes all the grease, grime, and dirt that has been building up. This also makes the application of adhesives a lot easier. Remember to always work on a door that is completely dry.

Closing Remarks

There are multiple perks you will enjoy insulating the doors of your garage. Following the steps above you can do the job right without wasting any time or spending a fortune. If for some reason you feel like DIY is not your specialty, you can always work with the Rollaway Garage Doors Company. This is a top company that has over 20 years’ of experience in offering superior garage door installation and repair services. The service provider gives you a ten-year guarantee on the services it renders.

5 Good Reasons to Call Garage Door Companies | Infographic

Roll up garage doors are designed to perform basic function and serves vital purpose to park your cars inside the garage. Garage door can make up to 30% of the curb appeal of your homes. Having garage doors up to the par the ensuring their periodic maintenance can keep the resale value high.

But at times roll up garage doors may need some repairs. Planning for a DIY project sounds like a good idea but it takes up lot of your efforts and time. Best thing to do is to hire professionals for the work. Hiring a professional can surely cost you a bit but is all the worth. Garage door repair companies have profound skills and experiences which help them inspect and detect the exact issue that needs mere attention.

Also hiring professionals can help you reduce risk, since no one will be responsible for the mistakes done by you and it can be extremely dangerous for you to fix your roll up garage doors on your own. Hiring a repair company not only promises the emergency repairs but also guarantee quality repairs.

If you are looking for any type of garage door repair companies get in touch with us today. Rollaway garage doors have provided absolute customer satisfaction service. We understand how stressful garage maintenance and repairs could be, we have skilled and experienced employees who can spot and repair garage door issues efficiently.

reasons for garage door companies

Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to adding value to your home there some feature which have big impact on the curb appeal of the house. Curb value says a lot about your house. There is no end for the space to make best home improvements to increase value.

Landscaping is one that thing which can add great value to your homes, in fact landscaping is one of those improvements which increase home value for ow but for many coming years.

Smart homeowners understand that it’s important to consider the value addition along with return on investment when doing any home improvements. Now that you understand the many ways that replacement windows can add value to your home and quality of life, take the next step. Garage doors speak up volumes about the attractiveness of the house. Importance of the garage doors for adding value to your home cannot be underrated. Roll up garage doors top the list of ways to increase the curb value. Garage doors can be a great option for choosing safety for your home.

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First impressions are crucial. Front porch can make a whole lot of difference  by creating that perfect attractive hard to ignore curb appeal. Adding some plant pots and lights can help you deck up the front porch. Also, it’s a good idea to change the front door appearance in terms of colours and textures to make them look more engaging. Keeping your driveways maintained can heat up the pleasant appeal your house serves. Driveways must be washed and repaired regularly for any sorts of blemishes, thus increasing its life.

If you are looking for garage door repairs for roll up garage doors, electric garage doors, in and around the Essex region, get in touch with us. Rollaway Garage Doors have been in the business of installing new and repairing different types of garage doors for over two decades.

Home Improvement Adding to Value Your Home

Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage conversion is an excellent way of adding an instant value and beauty to your home. With plenty of garage conversion ideas, you will also realize that a garage has amazing potential than you could possibly imagine. You only need a little creativity, imagination, and effort to turn your cold, neglected or unoccupied space into a warm, welcoming, peaceful and inspiring space. Here are some of the best conversion ideas you can have for your garage.

1. Kid’s playroom

Kids love to play and to explore different things. Consider converting a garage into a room where they can spend quality time playing. With available garage space, you can always ensure their play environment is safe. Such space is also ideal for nurturing their talents through different sporting activities.

children play room

2. Guesthouse

When guests decide to come for a sleepover, do you have a perfect room for them? You can turn your garage into a cosy guest room or guest house based on the available space. This will help you to accommodate your guests even when they make surprise visits.

3. A beautiful Lounge

Having a beautiful and stylish lounge in your home is just perfect for you, your family and your guests. Create an excellent living space where you can relax and unwind. The beauty of a home lounge is that you can add a bar, use unique windows and a glass door to enhance the overall look of your home. With a lounge, you can throw a party where you and your friends can have plenty of space for unlimited fun.

4. A sleeping Space

Converting a garage into a bedroom is also another idea to explore. Turn the garage space into a beautiful and special place where you can relax peacefully. With such a room, you can also explore your creativity. To enhance the beauty of the space, consider adding beautiful art features and a rustic charm on the walls. This will further help to add a touch of freshness into your space.

sleeping place

5. An ideal romantic space

The garage can also be converted into a beautiful romantic room. Paint the walls using warm and inviting colours. You also need to add a beautiful bed with the best enhancements such as pillows and mosquito nets to create a perfect environment for couples. Ensure there is quality lighting to add a sense of warmth and romance in the space. You can play with white, red and orange colours to make the room truly inviting.

6. Family Lounge

A garage can be turned into a beautiful family lounge. This is the place where you and your loved ones can unwind, share different ideas and spend quality bonding time. To make the room more inviting, include a fireplace to provide a relaxing, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Similarly, you can use painted wall decor items on the space to enhance its overall look.

family lounge

For a more stylish look in the room, why not include flowers and pieces of furniture that complement the theme of your house. It plays a significant role in creating a more whimsical feeling in the room for all.

7. Relaxing Cave

Do you dream of having a pool table in your home but the space is not enough? Turn your garage into a room where you and your friends or family members can spend quality time actively. Turn the garage to an indoor playfield. Include a pool table, a dart game board and video game essentials. If the space is not limited, you can have a football table therein.

With such play features, you will realize that you spend your leisure time in active tasks. This will further enhance your health as opposed to the times when you sit down watching a movie on all your free hours.

Similarly, you can turn the space into a gym room. Consider facilities that can perfectly fit into your garage space. Remember, with a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to create some time to work out. However, with an indoor gym, you will be motivated to exercise regularly and stay healthy.

Therefore, take time to define your needs and purchase only the kind of facilities you will need. Turn your garage into a home gym and save a great deal on cash.

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8. A home work-station

If you are a stay at home mum or you simply work from home, you can have a small office in your space. Turn your garage into a space where you can write paint or simply run your businesses from the comfort of your home. This is something that you can do on your own because you understand your needs perfectly well.

9. Home Cinema

If you love movies, this is a perfect place for you. Turn the garage to a home cinema. Organize the rooms just like a cinema hall where you can watch different movies. This is an easy task because all you will need for a perfect home cinema includes:

  •    A high quality and big screen.
  •    Comfortable armchairs.
  •    Cushions.
  •    A big couch.
  •    Excellent sound equipment.
home cinema

10. Kitchen Diner

If your kitchen space is small and you need a kitchen diner, your garage can cater to this need. This is particularly important if your garage is adjacent to the house as it offers the potential of having a back or exit door.

11. An Art Room

You may realize that your kids love to paint or make artistic pieces. Instead of building a separate room where they can explore their talents, you can always convert your garage into the same. The garage space can make an excellent wood carving and painting studio for art lovers.

What’s more, you can have a mini-museum of the art pieces in one of the walls. It helps your kids to explore and nurture their creative talents. What’s more, it allows them to engage in healthy activities that add value to their lives as opposed to engaging in unwanted deeds.

12. A Utility Room

A utility room in your home is important. It helps to keep your electric and plumbing items safely and neatly. Instead of having such items occupy part of your kitchen cabinets, creating a quality utility room will help accommodate such items efficiently.

A utility room also helps you to have enough space in your home. You only need to make it smart and stylish by exploring the best garage conversion ideas UK for your utility room.

utility room

With these endless options, it is without a doubt that a garage can offer amazing space in your home. However, you need to put into consideration a number of factors before you convert your garage. This includes

  • The type of garage that you have

Your garage can be attached or integrated meaning it is connected to the main house. Such a garage can be converted into a resting room or a bedroom.

Detached garage is not attached to the house and it cannot be used as a living space. Alternatively, it can be used as a separate room for guests.

  • The amount of space available

You also need to consider the available space in the garage. A single sized garage has small extra space, and it is good for a home office, guest bedroom or a playroom. Such a garage can also be converted into a utility room or downstairs shower room. Based on the layout of your home, you can turn it into a small kitchen, or a hallway.

Double garage, on the other hand, offers extra space and it can be converted into a living space or a storage room.

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  • How will you make the conversion seamless?

A seamless garage conversion will add an amazing value to your home. In this light, you need to ensure you have the right cladding and roofing materials that complete the look of your main houseYou need a matching door and window style

You need to employ a new design to enhance and convert the garage as a new beauty element in your home. Consider modern cladding options that will overcome related issues including how a garage door will be concealed.

  • Are you doing a full or partial conversion?

You can carry out partial or full garage conversion based on your needs. For partial conversion, the front part of your garage is not changed externally and internally. The rear section is however integrated into the main house. As a result, you will achieve extra living space for converting a garage into a room, play arena, kitchen space or a utility room.

For a full conversion, this means that you will convert the whole garage into a room that you desire.

converting a garage into room
  • How will you ensure there is plenty of light?

Bringing in natural light to a garage can be tasking. Therefore, you need to identify a wall where a new window can be placed. A roof lantern can also help you to attract more natural light to the room.

If the garage has a more private outlook, bifold and French doors can be installed.

You also need to create large openings on your internal space to allow in-flow of natural light to your internal space.

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Therefore, you no longer have to waste that garage space in your home. Add value to your living space by exploring creative conversion ideas above. Enhance the quality of your conversion by exploring a wide range of quality and beautiful doors at Rollaway Garage doors. It offers quality products to help you transform your garage into a stunning and useful space.

Garage Doors Installation Instructions | Infographic

Roll up garage doors usually use springs to balance them. There are two types of strings; extension or torsion. If your old door has the torsion springs do not attempt to remove them unless you have safe pair of hands that is; a professional assistance, this may result into a serious injury, hence have a qualified garage door repair service. When planning to buy garage door, one must take into account all the possible safety measure while installation. You must always take into consideration that never place any brackets directly on the dry wall always mount them on the wooden bucks this is very important as it may lead to a dangerous amount of force on the wall itself which can prove to be risky. The roll up garage doors tracks must be installed following all the necessary manufacturer instruction, an ignorance to this step can allow the garage doors to fall off a sudden which may cause fatal injuries.

Roll up garage doors come in all sizes according your requirements, garage doors uk prices may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and brand to brand depending on the service provided. Let’s talk about the maintenance, it is mandatory annually, garage doors may slip in case of ignored or prolonged maintenance and cause injuries that might be severe.

Following the above steps with lots of care and safety measures to be taken garage doors installations can be done.Garage doors installation instructions

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Replace A Garage Door?

repair or replace garage doorsThe garage doors are not always only for the safekeeping of our vehicles, but sometimes they also work as the main entrance of our houses. And we cannot really take any risks regarding its quality or any kind of damages related to the garage doors. Thus we need to know about the garage door repairs and maintenance in details.

Reasons behind the damages

Sometimes the cost of the repairs or complete replacement of the garage door becomes one reason why some people avoid getting it repaired or replaced. But if you get a comprehensive idea of it, then getting it done cannot always be high on your monetary issues and you can manage the expenses well.

The reasons why the garage doors get damaged can vary accordingly to its usage. Sometimes overexploitation of the garage doors and mishandling leads to the damages, sometimes the passing of too many years causes the damages and sometimes the cheap quality of the materials can also cause the damages to the garage door.

Apart from these factors, the climatic conditions also cause damages to the garage doors, when they are made up of substances like wood, aluminium, etc. Although the Essex garage doors are of the best quality, still they need to be repaired or replaced at some point of time to get away with any kind of trouble that shows up. Let us move on to the cost of such garage door repairs and replacements and how it all functions

The styles of the garage doors

It all depends on the garage door styles that you have installed in your garage to determine the repairing strategies. Some are harder to repair or replace and that eventually increases the cost for the same. The roll up garage doors or the tilt-up garage doors are by far considered the most affordable garage door styles to be repaired or replaced. The other styles are a bit too complicated for the process and hence requires more bucks than these door styles to be repaired or replaced.

The materials needed

Apart from the garage door style, the materials needed by the repair workers also indicate the costs of the entire process. It is high in cases where the garage doors are expensive and high-class models. Some of these expensive models have electric door openers and it becomes non-functional after a period which is when the repair is needed.

Also, in case of the side opening garage doors, sometimes the siding doesn’t work properly and hence a repairing is needed to make it functional again. All these problems do not occur in the casual and normal garage door styles for which the repair costs are also less. Hence, it is evident that the more you spend on the garage doors, the more you must be prepared for the expense of its repair or replacement.

The cost of garage door repair and replacement!

Well, as stated above, the cost varies according to the types and styles of the garage doors and the materials needed for the procedure. But still, we can share the approximate values of such repairs to let you have a comprehensive idea of what your next repair may cost you. But first one must know that the labour charges aren’t going to change whether you need to repair a small part of the door or you need to entirely replace it.

And the labour charge is decided by the service providers. Apart from this fixed price, the casual charges for the repair or replacement of the tilt-up garage doors can be approximately $150-$200 whereas the same for the roll-up doors can be approximately $200-$250. The insulated garage doors are high cost and very expensive and thus the cost of repair and replacement is also high as it has layers in it. However, you can always negotiate on the cost with your service provider for the best quotations.

Be assured of the quality services

The garage door repairs Essex provides a genuine guide towards the repair and replacement of the garage doors in and around the UK. They take it in their stride to deal with every kind of difficulties that their customer faces with the garage doors; from the lightest ones to the bigger ones!

Also, they provide enviable costing of the repair and replacement of the garage doors which makes them amongst the best lot of providing such services to the customers. It may cost you much to repair or replace your garage door but when you trust the repair services in Essex, you can be assured of the quality services and the best process as well.


Troubleshooting Electric Garage Doors | Infographic

An automatic electric garage door makes life easy. It saves you a fair bit of physical effort in opening and closing the garage door. However, a malfunctioning or completely dead electric garage door can be a real pain in the backside. But before you call up a garage door repair service, there are a few things that you can try on your own to rectify a faulty electric garage door. The infographic below touches upon some of the most common electric garage door problems and how you can deal with them.

While some of these problems are easy to solve, others are more complicated. For instance, issues related to the door’s sensors getting misaligned or covered with dust can cause automatic garage door problems. Simply cleaning off the dust and realigning the sensors fixes these issues. However, the same can’t be said for problems with the door’s gears and sprockets. These parts tend to wear down with time and are not something you can replace on your own. In such situations, calling on an automatic garage door repair service is unavoidable.

Overall, the electric garage door troubleshooting points represented below cover most of the common problems that owners of automatic garage doors face. If you need help with any of these or other garage door problems, get in touch with us today. Rollaway Garage Doors is a leading supplier, installer and repairer of electric garage doors in Essex. We also offer garage doors installation and garage door repairs for roller garage doors, up and over garage doors, sectional doors and side-hinged garage doors in Essex. Call us today for a ‘free’ quote.

Troubleshooting Electric Garage Doors

How To Buy Garage Doors & How Much It Costs?

buy garage doors

The owner of any types of vehicles is always in worry about how to keep their vehicles safe. Be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, the safeguarding of your vehicle must always be in possession of your own and for that to happen, a garage is a must have at all the residences. In the UK, a majority of people, have their own in-house garages that ensure the safekeeping of their vehicles in the traditional way.

Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Door

But, only building a garage does not always ensure the safety of the vehicles parked inside them, you must also focus on making the garage doors strong enough to withstand any kind of natural or unnatural disasters. So, while you chose a type of garage door for your garage, there are some things that must be looked out for before zeroing in on the final door types. Also, one must look out for the garage doors installation procedures which are one of the most important things when safety is concerned.

  1. Get Upgraded insulation

    If you plan to keep the garage warm or make it energy efficient then going for an insulated garage door is recommended. The average insulated doors are made of polystyrene, but if you need an upgraded form of the insulated doors then you should use polyurethane insulation. That would ensure power saving and insulation up gradation of the garage door effectively.

  2. An “in-person” quote is always preferred

    It is quite advisable that never settle for the garage door designs or materials over phone calls or online appointments. If you opt for such ways to get the garage door done then you might be doing it the wrong way as the shape and size and the requirement of every garage is different. Therefore, getting an “in-person” quote of the door so that it fits the garage perfectly is one thing that we all must look out for while buying garage doors.

  3. Try to avoid wooden doors

    Well, if you are rooting for a better outlook of the garage door then going for wooden doors might be a good idea, but the longevity of the external appearance is too less to choose it for the purpose. When going for wooden doors, you must also make up your mind to provide it with a high-cost maintenance which is why most people do not prefer installing wooden garage doors. Also, in a year or two, you have to change the colour coating to give it a perfect finishing which is sometimes not bearable for the users. So, staying out of the wood business while choosing the garage doors is highly recommended.

  4. Get standard beefier springs

    A spring garage door is easily usable and comes down or goes up without having to put much effort. The Essex garage doors are mostly made in a way that benefits the customers and using beefier strings on the garage doors is one of the features that are used by them to make things easy for the buyers.

  5. The DIY door installation ideas are a big no-no in case of garage doors

    Never ever choose to install the garage doors on your own as that may save you some bucks but the finishing of the installation might not be as good when compared to the professionals. Seek the guidance of the experts when you want to make your garage door a keeper for long and provide better finishing of it to ensure safety.

The Cost Details of Garage Doors

In most cases, the garage door repairs cost is the ones that give a real pain to the buyers as the maintenance cost is a bit higher than the average cost of the garage doors. The affordability depends on the type of material you choose and the kind of professionals you hire for the garage door installation process. A new garage door costs approximately around $500 and can range up to $800; this price range is for the installation of single garage doors. If you want to modify the features or increase the quality of the materials by a bit more, then the cost may rise higher than this. The up-gradation charges are also a bit higher for the single garage doors.

Well, these are the primary criteria and the average costing of the garage doors that ensure good quality check and provides a secured garage system to the vehicle owners. There is a need for proper maintenance and repair of the garage doors in case you want better longevity of the garage doors. So, the next time you look out for a better garage door, consider the above-mentioned options and choose the garage doors accordingly.